Recommendation letter for graduate school admissions

recommendation-letterA recommendation letter constitutes to be one of the most essential and vital aspects of a student’s application process for higher studies abroad. This aspect needs to be kept at the top of the priority list while configuring the admission process.

How to get a recommendation letter ?

For aspiring applicants, it is important to make a note of the desired format in which the letter needs to be drafted. Some universities or colleges expect the recommendation letter to be drafted in their own designated format and hence students must pay attention to such key details. A detailed recommendation letter comprising information covering in depth analysis of the student from the professor’s perspective will be highly appreciated. All the statements need to be supported with systematic layout of academic as well as extracurricular information.

Whom should you ask for recommendation letter ?

Depending on whether the applicant is a recently graduated student, this letter is expected to be addressed by one of the departmental heads at the university or any of the highly ranked professors with whom the student has been associated for a major time span of the study module. It is necessary to make sure that the writer has thorough understanding of the context in which he or she has to write and must be aware of your conduct throughout the study period.

In most cases, more than one recommendation letter is required. There are some colleges which ask for three recommendation letters while some ask for two. It is extremely important for the applicant to make the subject clear to the writer. The writer must be well aware of the applicant’s performance records and academic achievements which need to be included in the body of the recommendation letter. Carrying along certificates and documents comprising your academic records shall help the writer to gather some good piece of information.

Applicants who have left college for a considerable time period should have all the academic and other supporting documents ready. Since availing the letter from a faculty at the college might not be feasible, it s advisable to get it written from a superior or process head under whom you have been receiving your training. Getting a properly formatted recommendation letter might take consume a considerable amount of time and hence applicants must be well prepared in advance and all the necessary appointments should be made as per the suitable time frame. Usually a two to three weeks time period suffices for getting a letter of recommendation written.

What should the recommendation letter state ?

The letter should be able to reflect the personality of the applicant with regard to his or her academic capabilities, public interaction, extracurricular activities and various other qualities. Hence it is necessary that the person writing for you acknowledges your academic and creative work to the fullest. The writer must have a good impression of your work while writing.


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