Finding Graduate certifciate and graduate online certifcate – July 2020 update

We recently fixed an issue where some of the existing graduate programs and online graduate certificate programs were not displaying in the search. Even though we had courses in our database, it was not showing up. This problem has been fixed with yesterday’s update. Check our online graduate certifcate […]

Why the US Stands Out As Best Option For International Students For Education?

Students today are considering the value of the international study. Moreover, they are looking beyond their own borders for postgraduate courses. A graduate degree is a wise investment for students. It opens up higher-level positions and a chance for higher pay. Likewise, full master scholarships for international students can help […]

How collegeHippo Graduate Scholarship and Fellowship search is different

We understand that Graduate education can be expensive.  That is why we have built this search engine to help you search from 400 best universities and independent organizations to find scholarships, financial aid, scholarships, fellowships, and grants to make your graduate education dream a reality. We are excited to announce the […]

Universities which have waived off GRE and GMAT amid Corona virus crisis

A standardized test has been essential to admission to U.S. graduate programs for decades, and is the General Graduate Record Review (GRE) test, a multiple-choice and written question that measures quantitative, verbal, and writing skills. Yet the GRE’s long reign can well come to a close. While the coronavirus pandemic […]

Graduate school tuition discount offered by Universities amid COVID-19 crises

Restaurant, hospitality industry, shopping malls are not the only one who are affected by COVID-19. Colleges are feeling the brunt and have started offering discounts in tutions for incoming class. Some of them like Syracause are offering in the form of a schoalrship while others ahve coondition attached as to […]

Ivy League universities with No GRE for Graduate admissions

It is not that the recent Corona virus crisis has led to universities relaxing the GRE score requirements for Master’s program admission. A surprising news to few but some of the IVY Leagues universities do not require GRE for admissions. A big saving of time and money. Read below for […]

Fellowships opportunities available for Graduate Students

You can focus on your graduate study, get funded, and not be required to perform any regular employment. This may be an ideal situation for any graduate student who needs time to focus on their study with more depth. Getting a fellowship spares you from the added mental and financial distraction […]

PhD Program offering Assistantships – Up to $25000 per year

For students considering a doctoral degree, you may want to look into assistantships as a means of funding your tuition. PhD students can earn assistantships in any doctoral program. Additionally, they are a great way to begin accumulating experience in your desired career. Keep reading to learn more about PhD […]

FAFSA Online Graduate programs

Do Online Graduate Programs qualify for FAFSA

If you are considering a graduate degree, you may look into online programs as a way to mitigate the cost of your education. After all, with an online program you can study on your own time while working and earning money. Plus, online degrees allow you to study without moving […]

Getting Funding For Your Doctoral (PhD) Degree

What is a doctoral program? A doctorate is the highest academic degree you can achieve. Earning a doctoral degree is a requirement for many high-level professions. For instance, you must hold a doctorate to become a researcher, specialist, doctor, or professor. Doctoral degrees are also very expensive, so many students want […]

FAFSA for Graduate Schools

To qualify for federal student aid, such as grants, work-study, and loans, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Submitting the FAFSA form is free, and now it is easier than ever. If you are looking into graduate school, FAFSA will give you access to […]

High School Students Can Earn These Scholarships for Outstanding Writing

Although College Hippo is mainly a site for graduate and doctorate students, our research recently led us to some interesting data for high school students. If you are a teen with a passion for writing, there are many scholarship competitions you can enter. Even better, these scholarships are portable, meaning […]

Ms in US

Ms in US – Complete guide for admissions and scholarships

Students today are considering the value of international study and looking beyond their own borders for postgraduate courses. Whether students want to take advantage of unique resources and training opportunities, acquire new skills, or simply indulge their sense of adventure, our guides provide all the information they need for destinations […]

You Can Earn $25,000 With These Bioethics and Medical Humanities Fellowships

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in Bioethics and Medical Humanities, there are many fellowships and scholarship opportunities available to you. This field is exceptionally valuable to the world, as professional bioethicists go on to become leaders in education, innovation, and clinical application. As technology advances, there is an […]