Some scholarship for High School Seniors if you can write a great essay

We had been talking about financial ad for master’s program but found some interesting data on high school seniors. These are the some of the scholarships available to high school students who are going to apply for college soon and have exemplary writing skills.  If you ever are going to […]

Ms in US

Ms in US – Complete guide for admissions and scholarships

Students today are considering the value of international study and looking beyond their own borders for postgraduate courses. Whether students want to take advantage of unique resources and training opportunities, acquire new skills, or simply indulge their sense of adventure, our guides provide all the information they need for destinations […]

Fellowship for Bioethics and Medical Humanities Master’s degree programs – $25000 in grants

The Bioethics and Medical Humanities leads local, national, and global efforts in bioethics and medical humanities that improve healthcare education, delivery, research, and fellowship. The Bioethics and Medical Humanities is to advance bioethics and medical humanities and beyond through education, innovation, clinical application and thought leadership. A two-year bioethics fellowship […]

Funding options for a Graduate Degree- How do I pay for Graduate School?

A graduate degree is even more expensive than an undergraduate degree. So if you are considering enrolling in graduate school, you will want to know what financial aid options are available to you and how to apply for them. FAFSA and Funding Your Graduate Degree Since you are looking into […]

How Is Applying to Scholarships for Ph.D. Programs Different

Application Process for Ph.D. Graduate Programs A Ph.D. degree is the highest academic degree you can achieve. As a Ph.D. student, you are expected to come up with a thesis offering an original and significant new contribution to knowledge in your subject area PhDs are awarded in nearly every academic […]