Profile Evaluation Masters MS USA 13

A common challenge facing students who seek to do masters is finding the right school/university based on their GRE score, GPA and TOEFL. For international students who want to pursue MS in US universities , it is relatively tough as they have to convert their scores into 4 GPA based […]

Top 5 Computer Science Specializations: What Will Make You More Money? 2

Ten years ago, we’d think that a robot as sophisticated as Haley Joel Osment’s A.I. was a figment of overcaffeinated geeks’ imaginations. Nowadays, the concept isn’t so far-fetched. The fascination we’ve had artificial intelligence are mainly due to the Hollywood’s movie magic. However, it isn’t a new thing for us. […]

Part Time Computer Science Master’s Degree While Working Full Time? 1

You might have heard how people have juggled their way through a completing their masters to get a better career. Yes! Everything you’ve heard about working full-time while taking part-time classes are all correct. Or, if you’re still deciding whether to do it, short answer is there are always pros […]

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