10 common mistakes while writing a B-school SOP

The SOP or Statement of Purpose as the name suggests is the probably the most important part of a person’s business school application. It is what defines you when your application reaches the desk of the admission committee. The SOP resembles who you are, what has motivated you so far and what you intend to do in the future. SOP is also important because it is the only area where you can put your influence. Here are a few common mistakes committed by the applicants:-

  1. Submitting to the wrong University: – Many students face this situation when they are applying for more than one University. There are chances that you may submit your SOP to the wrong University and get straightaway rejected. ??
  2. Language and Grammar Errors: – Writing a complete error free SOP is the most integral part of         your application. It should not only be error free but also make sense.
  3. Repeated information: – Information about yourself or related to your academics should be shared only once or twice if it’s necessary.
  4. Lengthy or short SOP’s:- Quite often applicants overlook the instructions given for writing the SOP. The length should be strictly adhered to and the print size should be chosen wisely.
  5. Plagiarized SOP: – This is most common mistake that is made by the applicants where they do not check their SP’s through the copyscape test or plagiarism checker tools.  Plagiarized SOP’s have a high chance of getting rejected right away.
  6. Writing Counterfeit Information: – There is a common misconception that the Universities don’t do a background check of the applicants overseas. The Universities conduct a thorough search and check if the details provided are legitimate or not.
  7. Using a Pen: – It should be kept in mind that a blue or black pen has to be used while writing the SOP or filling out any other form related to the University admission.
  8. Indicating the preferred Courses: – It is very important to mention the courses of you liking and those you would like to pursue from that University as it enhances your chances of getting into the University.
  9. Mention Extra Co-curricular activities: – Apart from your academic accomplishments, the applicant should mention their other accomplishments. Something related to sports, creative activities including others that you may be good at.
  10. Be creative: – Majority of the applicants go with the usual introduction. You should try to illustrate your passion without telling any story or anything senseless. If you really want a strong SOP you’ll find a better, more mature and more creative way to say it.

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