11th Graders taking the SAT/Act too early

College Admissions Consultant Bruce Vinik tells us about the entire college admissions process that is creeping earlier and earlier into the high school years to the detriment of students. The mothers and father of 11th graders are feeling panicked and feel that the college admission process is slipping away from their children and from them.

The concern about 12th graders is understandable since they are now in the midst of filling out application and writing essays. But an increasing numbers of students are taking the official SAT or Act in the fall of 11th grade. This is not a healthy development. They would be better off waiting until the late winter or early spring when most of them first begin to think seriously about going to college since they are not ready to make the commitment.

In addition, by taking the SAT or ACT in the fall, 11th graders are depriving themselves of several months of classroom education and maturity that can help them become better test takers. Also,by jumping into standardized testing before they need to, kids run the risk of burning out. In my experience, students who start the college process earlier tend to tire of it earlier.

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