Neuroscience Graduate School GRE and GPA Requirements

I found this in one of the blogs and thought would  be helpful for our readers. These are old GRE scores so please use the old GRE score to new GRE conversion table.

This is a list of GPA and GRE requirements for PhD programs in neuroscience

Duke Neuroscience: 

Average GPA: 3.6
Average GRE: 1421
Accepts: 8 students/year
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Emory Neuroscience:
Average GPA: 3.6
Average GRE: 1370
Accepts: 18 students/year

Utah Neuroscience:
Average GPA: 3.4
Average GRE: 1300
Accepts: 12 students/year

Vermont Neuroscience:
Average GPA: 3.49
Average GRE: 1220 (670Q, 550V)
Accepts: 2-7 students/year

Brown Neuroscience: (for international applicants)
Average GPA: N/A
Average GRE: 750-800Q
Accepts: 1-2 students/year

Wake-Forest Neuroscience: 
Average GPA: 3.63 (range=3.1-3.94)
Average GRE: 1375 (for international applicants), 1180 (for domestic applicants)
Accepts: 25 students/year

Georgetown Neuroscience:
Average GPA: about 3.7
Average GRE: 1400

Tulane Neuroscience:

Average GPA: 3.5
Average GRE: 1300
Accepts: 5-6 students/year

Vanderbilt Neuroscience:
Average GPA: N/A
GRE: 675-800 for Verbal and Quantitative, Analytical Writing >4

Rockerfeller Neuroscience:
Average GPA: 3.8
Average GRE: >90th percentile for both Verbal and Quantitative
Accepts: 18-30 students/year (from 800 applicants, offers made to 10%, of that 10%, 35% are international)

Yale Neuroscience:
Average GPA: >3.5
Average GRE: >80th percentile
Accepts: 250 applicants, <10% admitted.
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Princeton University:

No cutoff GRE

Princeton Neuroscience 

UMass Amherst : 

Admissions criteria include a B average or above in undergraduate and/or graduate-level coursework, and at least two strong letters of recommendation from individuals who are able to assess the applicant’s potential for a career in research and teaching in the field of Neuroscience and Behavior

U Mass Amherst Neuroscience 

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