5 Universities Offering Online Data Science Graduate Certificate Under $10000

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Data Science is one of the hottest and most in-demand jobs out there.

It is a skill required in business and many other industries. Being analytical and passionate about data can earn you a top job in this popular and lucrative job.

Data Science is all about providing meaningful information based on large amounts of complex data. You need to have the right personality to become a Data Scientist and that means having intellectual curiosity, business acumen, and good communication skills.

As a communicator, you should be able to translate complex information into plain language. A company will be looking at your findings to be able to make informed and better decisions. The technical background skills you need in Data Science are knowledge in computer sciences and mathematical and statistical acumen.

If you are thinking of embarking on a great career and you think you can handle the tasks of a Data Scientist you can get your qualifications by getting an Online Certificate Program. Certificates are short fast-tracked and cost less and you will get the credentials you need to be competitive in no time.

Since you will be getting your degree online you have the freedom and flexibility to learn at any location and if you are employed you won’t have to sacrifice your job just to have time for your studies. A career in Data Science is one of the most well-paid jobs and you can expect to earn $95,000- $128,750 annually.

1. California State University-Fullerton-Certificate in Data Science program

California State University Fullerton offers an online Certificate in Data Science program. This certificate program includes five courses and consists of 99 hours. They must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, applied statistics, engineering, math, physics, or natural sciences., and they have at least three years of professional experience in a field such as data analysis, business analytics or intelligence, software engineering or programming.

Duration of the course: 10 months

Cost: $3,220

for more information: California State University-Fullerton

2. Duke University-Big data and Data Science Program

Duke University offers big data and data science program. This course is designed for professionals interested in the field of analytics to develop broad and in-depth expertise in the spectrum of big data and data science related technologies.

Cost: $2995

for more information: Duke University

3. Elmhurst College-Data Science Certificate Program

Elmhurst College offers a Data Science certificate program. This program includes five courses from the college’s Master of Science in Data Science program, with four required courses and one elective. students who want to earn the masters must meet the admission requirements for that degree, including prerequisite courses in statistics and computer science and at least a year of professional experience.

Duration of the course: one year

Cost: $870 per semester

for more information: Elmhurst College

4. Indiana University Bloomington 

Indiana University Bloomington offers an online Certificate in Data Science that provides students a flexible option to tailor coursework to meet their interests or career goals. Completing the certificate requires students to take four courses, such as data analysis, health and medicine, cloud computing and high-performance computing.

for more information: Indiana University Bloomington

5. The University of California-Irvine-Graduate Certificate in Data Science

The University of California, Irvine offers an online Graduate Certificate in Data Science. They must have the basic skills needed for data science and allows practitioners to broaden their skills. The program is aimed at professionals in a variety of industries and job roles that involve understanding large amounts of data, such as data engineers, data analysts, business analysts, researchers, statisticians, database administrators, and computer scientists. To earn the certificate, students must complete 15 credit units, with six required units and nine elective units.

Cost: $3,770

for more information: The University of California-Irvine


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