About Us

Who we are

We are a small team in the beautiful city of Boston who are trying to build a vertical search for Graduate programs.

Why are we doing this?

Looking at the options available for the graduate programs and online masters, these are the major the pain points from a student’s perspective.

  • Online, there is scattered information and unreliable sources: Sites who have listed the course details have only done partially. Often, this data is from colleges that have signed up on the platform and are paying customers. This results in a vast number of colleges being omitted. Content sites who have published the content have unreliable sources
  • SEO focus: Most of the existing sites have gamed the SEO(Search engine optimization) and are designed for search traffic and lead generation. It is not designed for student needs and interests.
  • Bare minimum information: Most of the time, it is a listing of the college with only ranking information. No details of the programs.
  • A good number of sites that come up in first page of google have mostly listing of the colleges and programs that are paying customers.
  • Wastes time in searching  for colleges and finding admission details
  • Scholarships and financial aid information is hard to find

What we aim to do

CollegeHippo aims to be the largest resource for Graduate Programs In the US.  With CollegeHippo , students can search for

  • Master’s Programs
  • Doctoral/Phd Programs
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Graduate Online  Programs

Aim of Collegehippo is to bring unbiased data by extracting information from the college websites, matching with IPEDS(https://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/use-the-data) , USNews and Kiplinger rankings.  We also extract public facebook feed of few colleges.

The data has been extracted and presented using our proprietary algorithms and team which verifies this data.

We are not associated with any US news or Kiplinger ranking. The views expressed in blogs are of our team. Please contact us at support [a] collegehippo.com for any feedback or questions

Our journey(mistakes) so far

During these last 2 years if we have done few thing well and done some major blunders. We have been documenting our Journey, motivation and notables updates

Building Yelp for graduate programs