Adapster: The magical SAT math App for SAT prep

This app has been around for more than 15 months and is a hit amongst the high school seniors preparing for the SAT reasoning test and aiming to get a high SAT score. Mathematics is generally a troublesome area for most of the students and test developers love to experiment with the math section, as it provides them ample scope to do so.

Adapster addresses this particular problem of the SAT students, helping them in their mathematics preparation. The iPhone/iPad/iTouch app was designed by Jody Steinglass, the founder of the popular learning centre The Empire Edge. Jody and his organization are a known name in the New York City, especially for SAT preparation. Jody is a tutor and has over 15 years of experience in the academic field. His experience and the dedication to help the students prepare for their SAT exam in a more effective way came in handy towards the development of the SAT iPhone App for math preparation, the Adapster.

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Basic Characteristics:

  • SAT math preparation app
  • Contains 1000s of questions on all the mathematical topics that are asked in the SAT Reasoning Test.
  • Diagnostic Tests to recognize the strengths and the weaknesses of the students and provide customized lessons.
  • Well prepared and student friendly notes, tips and techniques on all mathematical topics.
  • Properly structured solutions for all the questions that are included in the SAT app Adapster.
  • Tailored math preparation techniques for students with varied capabilities.
  • It is aptly named as Adapster because it adapts the preparation techniques according to the students.

Cost and availability

The app can be downloaded from the official Apple app store. Currently, the demo version can be downloaded free of cost where students can take the diagnostic test. According to the results, the students can then go for sectional paid download. For example, if they are weak in geometry, then the geometry module can be downloaded that cost $2.99. Similarly, the price chart is available for all the mathematics sections.

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