Analytical Reasoning questions solving tips 18

In my last post, I had put up two analytical reasoning questions and answer options. If you found any difficulty solving either of them, then here are a few tips that can help you in deriving the answers. I am going to illustrate the solution to a similar problem, which will help you in solving the questions in the other post.

Example: Read the following information and choose the right alternative for the questions that follow:

Four young men, Roger, Shaggy, Tom, and Ben are married to Rachel, Samantha, Tiara and Eve, not necessarily in that order. The couples live in New York , Durham, Miami and Colorado, again not in order.

i.            The first letter of the names of men, their wives and cities does not match.

ii.            Samantha is not Roger’s wife.

iii.            Shaggy does not live in New York  or Colorado and is not Rachel’s husband.

iv.            Ben and Tiara do not live in Durham.

Questions: 1. Which pair given below is the right combination of wife and city for Tom?

a)      Samantha, Miami

b)      Tiara, Durham

c)       Eve, New York

d)      Rachel, Durham

e)      None of these

2. Who among the following is the wife of Ben?

a)      Rachel

b)      Samantha

c)       Tiara

d)      Eve

e)      Cannot be determined.

Now let us see how to derive the answer. From the information in the question, we can make the following deductions:

  • From the first information, it can be concluded that Roger cannot be married to Rachel and does not live in New York . Shaggy cannot be married to Samantha and does not live in Durham. Tom cannot be married to Tiara and he does not live in Miami. Ben cannot married to Eve and does not live in Colorado. On the basis of this information, cross the respective blocks in the table.
  • Using second information, cross the possibility of matching of Samantha with Roger.
  • Third information rules out matching of Shaggy with New York , Colorado and Rachel.
  • Fourth information rules out the matching of Ben with Durham. The part of this information that denies matching of Tiara and Durham cannot be used in the table now, unless the husband of Tiara is known. So, keep the information to be used later on.
  • After using all the information, we see that only city left for Shaggy is Miami, so mark the tick in the block in front of Shaggy against Miami, crossing other blocks of rows and columns and cities to ensure one to one matching. As a result, we know that Ben lives in New York .
  • Using first and fourth information again in the table, we get the final matching of husband, wife and city as below:
Husband Wives Cities
Rachel Samantha Tiara Eve NYC Durham Miami Colorado
Roger X X Y X X X X Y
Shaggy X X X Y X X Y X
Tom Y X X X X Y X X
Ben x Y X X Y X X X

So now, try finding the answer to the similar questions given in this post on GRE analytical reasoning.

Here are other practice tests in downloadable pdf format:

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