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Graduate school credit is more difficult to come by than undergraduate credits. They only transfer in certain circumstances and, for the most part, are not free. Only a small number of organizations provide free credits for the Master’s program. Some of the universities and organizations that offer credits for master’s programs are listed below.

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UExcel Credit By Exam at Excelsior College 

UExcel tests are a flexible alternative to traditional coursework that allows you to earn credit on your own time with online proctoring. Without enrolling in a degree program, you can gain credit for tests in business, liberal arts, science, technology, and more.

Exams from UExcel are much less expensive than tuition for the same number of course credits. Taking UExcel tests can save thousands of dollars for motivated students who set and stick to their study goals. Compare the cost of a single 3-credit exam at $110 to the average in-state tuition of $900 for a single 3-credit course. Furthermore, because you can schedule UExcel examinations whenever you’re ready, you may be able to earn some of your credits through exams rather than coursework.

Nearly all of the exams accepted for credit by Excelsior College are available with convenient, secure online proctoring, allowing you to earn credit when it’s convenient for you rather than having to schedule your test at an in-person testing center. Nearly all of the exams accepted for credit by Excelsior College are available with convenient, secure online proctoring, allowing you to earn credit when it’s convenient for you rather than having to schedule your test at an in-person testing center.

Credit Programs offered by the American College of Education

The American College of Education (ACE) provides outstanding online degree programs that are tailored to your needs. All ACE credit-bearing coursework and programs are stackable, which means that your credits can be applied to anything from a micro-credential to a certificate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree if you start with a single class.

In total there are 26 master’s programs offered by ACE. Some of them are M.Ed. in Adult Education and Training, Master of Education in Higher Education, Master of Education in STEM Education, and more.

Credit Courses offered by Virtual Education Software (VESi)

VESi collaborates with Augustana University to offer short-term courses. Augustana University requires students to register for graduate credit. To qualify for these courses, students must have an overall score of 70 percent or better, with no individual exam score below 50 percent, and successfully complete ALL written projects.

You will have a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of one year from the day your course link is provided to you to complete the course. VESi takes about two weeks to process your materials and notify Augustana University of your mark once you finish the course. The university will then need time to process and submit your grade, and you will need to request your transcript directly from them.

Poetry in America for Credit

From the Puritans to the present day, the Poetry in America series traces the evolution of American poetry. The sequence is currently available for undergraduate and graduate credit through the Harvard Extension School in semester-long modules. Noncredit enrolment is also available.

Open Course Option at Thomas Edison State University

Students can earn credits by enrolling in Saylor Academy’s free, open, online courses that are aligned with the University’s prior learning assessment program. Most graduate and undergraduate degree programs at Thomas Edison State University, including the whole Associate in Science in Business Administration degree, accept credits earned through the Open Course option.

Students can take open courses for free and then apply what they’ve learned by completing a portfolio evaluation or the University’s credit-by-exam program, TECEP. Students can use this option to earn credits that satisfy general education elective or free elective requirements for most graduate and undergraduate degree programs at the university, in addition to the whole Associate in Science in Business Administration degree.

Credit By Examination at North Dakota State University

Students can use nationally standardized assessments to exhibit proof of college-level achievement. Intensive study in high school, significant reading on a certain topic, or other sorts of formal or informal preparation may have resulted in the ability to take these exams.

Credit by examination cannot be used to repeat a course taken at NDSU or another regionally approved institution. The awarding agency/board must send the score reports immediately to NDSU. For the purposes of giving credit by examination, high school transcripts and student-issued grades are not considered official. Exam credit does not contribute toward the university’s residency credit requirement.

Exams offered are Advanced Placement Examination (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and DSST Examinations.

Credits offered through Assistantships at Bridgewater State University

You can work a couple of hours at Bridgewater State University and receive free credits in the form of assistantships. Students who hold Full Graduate Assistantships can work 20 hours per week in an academic or administrative department and get tuition and fee remission for up to 24 credits each academic year. Students will earn tuition and fee remission for up to 12 credits each academic year through 12 Graduate Assistantships. Students will also get tuition and fee remission for up to 15 credits each academic year as Research Assistantships.

CLEP Exam offered by CollegeBoard

High school students, college students, adult learners, military service members and veterans, and professionals seeking continuing education credits can all take a CLEP(College-Level Examination Program) exam at any CLEP test location.

Year-round, on a flexible schedule, CLEP tests are administered. A 5.5 percent improvement in degree completion is associated with passing a CLEP exam. The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers 34 tests that cover the subject covered in introductory college courses. You can earn three or more college credits at 2,900 colleges and universities in the United States if you pass one CLEP exam.

When compared to non-PLA students, adult students who obtained 12 or more college credits using previous learning assessments (PLA) like CLEP saved 9–14 months on their degrees.

MicroMasters Programs offered by edX

edX’s low-cost, flexible credit programs offer a low-risk, easy method to earn credit on your own time. edX credit-eligible courses can be your path to a brighter future, whether you’re a high school student trying to jump-start your university career or an adult learner looking to obtain a degree for the first time.

MicroMasters programs are a collection of graduate-level courses offered by some of the world’s most prestigious universities. They offer in-depth training in a certain career field and are valued by companies for their real-world application. Students can apply to universities that offer MicroMasters credit and, if accepted, can pursue a faster and less expensive Master’s degree.

You can apply for credit at a university that accepts your MicroMasters program certificate, and if accepted, your degree will be accelerated. The number of certificates awarded by MicroMasters programs, as well as the number of credits required for a master’s degree, vary. The number of credits that the MicroMasters program certificate counts toward an on-campus degree is determined by each university.

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