How collegeHippo Graduate Scholarship and Fellowship search is different

We understand that Graduate education can be expensive.  That is why we have built this search engine to help you search from 400 best universities and independent organizations to find scholarships, financial aid, scholarships, fellowships, and grants to make your graduate education dream a reality. We are excited to announce the […]

Mobile Campuses: Doubts and Decisions

“Mobile [learning-management] apps are an important part of our campus plan to enhance instructional resources and campus services.” New data from the Educause Center for Applied Research, released here on Wednesday, showed that among the nearly 37,000 two- and four-year college students surveyed, more than 60 percent own Internet-enabled mobile […]

W.K Kellogg Foundation gives $4 million for Grand Rapids Program

The Student Advancement Foundation, a non-profit group that links community resources with needs of Grand Rapids Public Schools, on Monday announced the grant to fund “Believe 2 Become,” a program that encourages children to achieve their dreams by continuing their education. Believe 2 Become deserves generous support because it mirrors […]

SAT Grammar Defined 1

You may have read ‘English Language’ all your life, but still unable to comprehend its structure and rules. You may be getting ready to take the SAT and need to know what SAT grammar beholds. Most importantly, anyone looking to carve or figure what SAT grammar is needs to exactly […]