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Biomedical Engineering Industries: Best Industries to Work in as a BME Graduate 1

The Biomedical Engineering field has a very diverse career path. There’s not single path career as it’s an interdisciplinary field wherein it can become difficult to be a master in one of the many disciplines. This is why biomedical engineering offers one of the highest starting salaries. Besides being a […]

Top 20 Graduate Schools for Masters degree in Education

These are the top ranked 20 Graduate Schools in US offering Masters degree in Educational Administration and Supervision  with updates from their facebook feed on week of 06/05/2016 Yale University Yale University has been ranked 3 in National University.Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration awarded to 5 students. Northwestern […]

Top 20 Universities for Masters Program in Computer Science and Engineering

Here are the top ranked 20 Universities / Graduate Schools Masters Program in Computer Science And Engineering Princeton University Princeton University has been ranked 1 in National University.Masters Degree in Computer Engineering awarded to 17 students. International students who got Masters degree in Computer Engineering: 10 Columbia University In the City […]

New and Improved collegehippo website

After 6 months of hard work,  team has launched new and improved US Colleges search web site. This is CollegeHippo new home page   Technically the major change is that we have move away from wordpress as being the sole platform.. Although wordpress is one of the best CMS but it really […]

Masters Degree in Health and Wellness

Architectural Engineering program prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of materials, systems, and methods used to construct and equip buildings intended for human habitation or other purposes. Top 8 Graduate Schools Programs in Health and Wellness, General [cip-table-format cip=”51.0101″ records=”20″ course_type=”U” orderby=”USNEWS_RANKINGS” dir=”asc” […]

Introducing new and Improved Graduate and UnderGraduate School Search

We are pleased to launch our new and improved Graduate school and undergraduate school search . Additional information has been added to university pages giving students more insight into admissions, enrollments, courses offered and graduation rate. The new features are 1. View your search criteria : When you are on the search results page, you would be able […]