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What is Transfer Credit in Online Masters Program?

Technically, transfer credit is the submission of prior learning (classes or credits) from one institution and acceptance for credit by another institution. In this case, credits taken at community college could be worth credits towards comparable classes at the new institution. Your credits will remain at the community college forever, but the new school will add classes to your transcript from their school. In theory, you could transfer your community college credits to any number of different schools, should you find yourself moving around.

Can I Transfer Masters Degree Credit from and to Online Graduate School?

You probably plan to begin your schooling at one college, like most students and finish it without ever switching schools. Nonetheless, changing schools is now a common occurrence. If you plan to change schools or degree programs in the future, you might worry that seeking an online education may reduce your choices. While colleges have different credit transfer policies, starting your online degree would not necessarily prohibit you from moving to another online or conventional college if you wish to make that decision.

There is no overall response as to whether or not an online school can accept transfer credits from another online degree program and educational organizations work separately from each other. You will, however, transfer credits received online from an approved degree program in many instances. If you want to transfer, study the school of your choosing to decide if the credits you have already received will be approved. Speaking directly with an admissions office team member will help you get the responses you need to ensure that you meet the documents or other conditions to pass your credits. If the credits you have already received may not be approved by your first choice school, you will have to make a decision between redoing the coursework at your new school and choosing a second choice college.

Online credits were not always so easy to transfer in the past. Today, switching online education is not unusual for students. According to Inside Higher Ed, even some minor niche schools that have long declined to accept transfers of credits received are now updating their strategies and proposing improvements. This rise is primarily attributed to the increased number of students taking online classes and demanding the transfer of credits, as well as improving the legal and beneficial view of online education.

How to Transfer Online Masters Program Credit?

For a number of factors, students transfer colleges, such as deciding to transfer, following a new career direction, or preferring to graduate from a more prestigious university. For other instances, students may have dropped out of school when they graduated and now want to catch up where they left off.

If you are a first-year student and already know where you are going to move to, make sure to study the general education curriculum of that school. This will help you select gene-ed courses that fulfill the criteria for the school to which you plan to move.

How to check if a college will accept your credit:

  1. Request the former college for an unofficial transcript (for details of your credit).
  2. Locate the most current academic collection on the future college’s website.
  3. Compare the credit you have with the school’s catalog (as listed in your transcript). By comparing course codes, names, prerequisites, and explanations, take care of which of your transition courses fit the school offers. This is the credit that will be approved by your future college.
  4. Accepted credit is not necessarily the same as credit that is applicable. First, find the specifications of the required grade (posted online as well). Is there space for your approved transfer credit for the degree you want? You may say, “If the credit is approved by my college, why do I need to review the particular degree?” The fact that your chosen college allows your transfer credit, in general, does not actually mean that any of those credits contribute to the basic criteria of your individual degree program. So be sure not to miss a step like this!
  5. Do a check on the school’s transfer policy website now to find out:
    • The amount of transfer credit that it acknowledges
    • What type of transfer credit does it accept?

If you have any queries, direct them to the registrar of the school. (For transfer students, the registrar is usually the one to transcribe credit, so they can assist.)

Can I Transfer All of My Online Masters Degree Credits?

To assess credit transferability, each university uses several criteria. For this reason, students interested in transferring college credits can contact the transfer offices at both their present school and potential school to learn details.

Students should inquire about accreditation status and transition arrangements when speaking with university officials at the transfer school. Such arrangements, also referred to as agreements for articulation, take place between two schools which guarantee that such credits are exchanged and counted towards a degree.

Note the transfer credits must come from a school that is accredited. Credits tend to transfer well between schools in the same region of the United States with the same form of accreditation. Some states provide tools for exchanging college credits between schools in the state, such as Michigan.

Not all credits, though, are transferred. In general, credits for general education and associate degree credits are quicker to pass than a series of loose degree-specific credits.

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