Career prospects and Salary for Biotechnology Graduates

Biotechnology as a subject has grown rapidly. And as far as employment is concerned, it has become one of the fast-growing sectors. Biotechnology is combining knowledge about life and living organisms with modern technology to create new systems, devices, materials, food that could improve human life and help preserve the environment. Most biotechnology products are associated with agriculture, the food industry, and medicine. This is responsible for many of the things that make our lives better and also focuses on the intersection of biology and technology, leading to a vast array of new products that are designed to enrich lives, make day-to-day living easier, and make us healthier. 

There is a large scale employment in research laboratories run by the government as well as the corporate sector for Biotechnology graduates. Alternatively, they may find employment in specialized biotechnology companies or biotech-related companies such as pharmaceutical firms, food manufacturers, aquaculture and agricultural companies. Companies that are engaged in business related to life sciences (ranging from equipment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, etc) also consider a biotech degree relevant to their field. The work scope can range from research, sales, marketing, administration, quality control, breeders, technical support etc.,


Biotechnology Jobs Salary

There is a very big range in annual average salary for biotechnology jobs. Some jobs pay less than $30,000 while there are some that pay more than $100,000+. Depending on the skills, educational attainment, years of experience, and field of expertise, six-figure income jobs with a biotechnology degree, according to The national average annual salary of a Biotechnologist with a research position is about $81,107. Higher salaries are directly linked to more experience, according to PayScale.

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What Jobs can the Students Get with a Masters in Biotechnology?

Biotechnologists have a lot of positions to fill up in our ever-growing world of humans and technology. There is always a demand for biotechnology graduates in a number of industries. Biotechnology companies require Corporate Executives with business/management Degrees. A graduate in Biotechnology can get the job in government sectors such as Universities and Colleges, Research Institutes or at Private Centers as Research scientists/assistants.


Here are some job positions can apply for as a biotechnology graduate.

  • Biotechnology Research Scientist
  • Biochemist
  • Biological Scientist
  • Manufacturing Scientist
  • Biologist
  • Biostatistician
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Biologist
  • Professor of Biotechnology
  • Computational Chemist
  • Epidemiologist
  • Food Scientist and Technologist
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Animal Scientist

Some of these only require a bachelor’s degree. However, to get the best positions with higher starting salaries, it’s best to hold a graduate degree or a Ph.D. in this field.


Is a Masters in Biotechnology worth It?

A bachelor’s degree in biotechnology will not get as far as a master’s degree or a Ph.D. can. To be able to advance in the field,  need a higher degree to be able to get a good job or at least a job worth all the money the students’ have spent on educating themselves in the field. Since the field of biotechnology is closely related to bioengineering and biomedical engineering, easily enter those job positions with a masters in biotechnology. Furthermore, if they are planning to go into the medical field as a medical doctor, a biotechnology degree would certainly increase their odds.

Biotechnology is the future, human beings are investing more on bioengineering to cure diseases as they lack side effects, bioenergy as they are eco-friendly, bioorganic farming as the food produced is healthier and lesser toxic. In few years we all will see a lot of bioproducts into the market, it’s the future all these chemicals we used so far on our foods, body, environment etc only made us sick and destroyed everything in and around us.


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