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Why the US Stands Out As Best Option For International Students For Education?

Students today are considering the value of the international study. Moreover, they are looking beyond their own borders for postgraduate courses. A graduate degree is a wise investment for students. It opens up higher-level positions and a chance for higher pay. Likewise, full master scholarships for international students can help […]

How collegeHippo Graduate Scholarship and Fellowship search is different

We understand that Graduate education can be expensive.  That is why we have built this search engine to help you search from 400 best universities and independent organizations to find scholarships, financial aid, scholarships, fellowships, and grants to make your graduate education dream a reality. We are excited to announce the […]

Universities offering scholarships a.k.a as financial Support for Graduate Program in Animal Science and Nutrition

The academic field of animal sciences includes the scientific study of farm animal breeding and husbandry. Production and sale of agricultural animal products is also a part of this area of research. A master’s degree in animal science and nutrition is also the preferred program for those looking to pursue […]

Apply to these scholarships and earn $500 – $15,000 towards your Master’s in Psychology degree

Psychology is the science of behavior and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought. It is an academic discipline of immense scope and diverse interests that seeks to understand the inner workings of the human mind. As a social science, it aims to understand individuals […]

10 Scholarships for Master’s Program in Religious Studies – Funding amount from $1,000-$40,800

Religious communities are well-known for their charity and kindness. If you are a student with a strong religious inclination or are already involved in ministry work, you may qualify for a number of scholarships. The scholarships offered in Religious Studies Master’s program are a way for religious organizations to encourage […]

University of Colorado Students Dominate NSF Awards – 10 tips on how you can qualify for NSF Fellowship

32 outstanding STEM students were given the prestigious NSF (National Science Foundation) fellowship for innovative and impactful research on campus. The award was given to CU Boulder students to encourage them and give recognition to their work. The award was announced on April 9 and recognizes the outstanding achievements of […]