Practice SAT Writing – Identifying Sentence Error

Our previous post dealt with some tips and tricks to answer questions on SAT Writing -Identifying Sentence Error. In today’s post, we have taken some Sentence error questions for practice, giving you detailed reasons to explain why the particular part of the sentence may have an error. Following are SAT […]

SAT Writing: Tips and Tricks for SAT Sentence Correction questions

One big portion of the SAT writing section deals with identifying errors and improving sentences. In order to get a perfect score on this section, you will need to brush up your grammar rules really well. These questions precisely test your ability to recognize, apply and elucidate the effectiveness and […]

Word Problems in SAT Math

Comprehending word problems correctly is a crucial part in SAT Math. Word problems are simple to solve, yet, comprehending them to arrive at mathematical solutions can be quite a daunting experience. This post emphasizes the need for a SAT taker to take time to understand the problem accurately, follow instructions and […]

Elementary Math for SAT Takers

We see problems on unitary method frequently on SAT. In this post, we are primarily trying to explain on how to arrive at the value of a single unit to estimate value of required quantities. Unitary method is a comparatively simple method for solving various real life situations involving mathematics.  […]