Coding Bootcamp vs Masters Degree in Computer Science. Which one is best for you?

You need to have the right kind of experience and qualification if you’re considering getting into the tech workforce. Although college tuition tends to grow, there is a new kind of education to build the skillset that you need to excel in tech: Bootcamp coding.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding bootcamps teach the basics of software creation in just a few weeks, close to how military bootcamps prepare people to be service members in just a few months. These highly technical bootcamps are designed to help people launch a modern, tech-focused career by teaching the most important coding elements and using that expertise directly to solve challenges in the real world. Find coding bootcamps as vocational training schools, as such, mainly concentrating on teaching practical and relevant skills to you. Along with the most up-to-date web-programming technology required on the market, students can learn some general programming knowledge. In addition, students have the ability, a crucial soft skill in the software industry, to collaborate as a team to solve problems. All in all, students who attend coding bootcamps are well-versed in the basics of how to code, have realistic software development skills, and at their fingertips have knowledge of the new technologies.

Coding bootcamps will last 12-28 weeks anywhere, and the cost is around $11,400 on average. The provided curriculum covers Ruby, Python, JavaScript, APIs, GitHub, and job coaching.

Do I need a College Degree for Coding Bootcamp?

It is becoming more and more popular to attend a coding bootcamp without college grades, and it is easy to see why. Upon graduation and during their first year of employment, non-college graduates who attend statistically receive an average of $58,000. While that figure is at the lower portion of the $70,000 total, relative to the salary they received before graduation from a bootcamp, it also reflects an average rise of around 50 percent.

In their first year, on the opposite side of the continuum, college graduates who go to a bootcamp receive an average of $75,000. It is worth taking into account, though, that the majority of college graduates still deal with student loans, which impair their relative finances.

What does a Computer Science Degree offer?

It usually takes approximately four years to earn a computer science degree and at least $40,000 over the course of the same time period. While the price tag and time commitment can sound steep, the extra investment in computer science learning ensures that students achieve a greater understanding of the area. A computer science degree teaches existing programming practices and why operating systems and machines operate the way they do as coding bootcamps are constructed and shows you how to apply your expertise directly in the real world. The ability to scale and better understand source issues is one big gain to understanding the “why” of computer science. A downside is that computer science graduates often do not have the realistic real-world experience and implementation that bootcamp students get, skills such as working in a team and getting the most up-to-date details.

The content covered by courses in computer science includes Java programming, C++ programming, the architecture of operating systems, theory of computer science, applied mathematics, and algorithms.

The difference between Coding Bootcamp and Computer Science Degree

Computer Science DegreeCoding Bootcamp
CostThe estimated average cost of getting a degree is $34,740 for private colleges, $9,970 for in-state residents at public colleges, and $25,620 for out-of-state residents at public universities. The average cost of coding bootcamp is from $7000 – $13000.
TimeEarning masters degree in computer science can take at least 2 yearsThe length of the course for coding can vary from 8 weeks to 24 weeks
SubjectsTrue programming can only contain about a few of the courses you take.

Generally based on Java and C++ programming, Operating System Architecture, Philosophy of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Algorithms 
Intense programming emphasis, front-end and back-end development comprehension.

Ruby, Rails, Python, Flask, React, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Github and APIs are usually based on
EnvironmentUsually, lectures are for one-way learning (where the lecturer delivers the topic), followed by tutorials where students have to use what they have learned. 

Learning takes place at a fair rate (over four years) and most subjects just brush on the surface to expose students to the multiple languages/concepts of the real world. 

There is a broad usage of learning aids, since programming is typically performed in an interactive development environment (IDE) that can point out any errors before it can “compile” student codes.
It’s really intense (due to the short timeframe and large volume of subject matter to cover). 

Usually, students are “thrown into the deep end” by trying to complete such challenges or goals every day, thereby pushing them to bring what they have learned or read about into effect immediately. 

Technology evaluations are carried out by professors (where they go over the code and see if there is anything that can be streamlined or built on)‍

It is possible to expect scheduled tests such as class quizzes, coursework and midterm or final examinations.It differs from bootcamp to bootcamp – there are usually periodic “checkpoints” to allow teachers to assess the success of a pupil.
Class size

Varies from 30 (small classes) to hundreds of learners (large lectures)

The instructor-to-student ratio is usually maintained at 1:10.

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