Cost of studying in USA

cost of studying in USA

How much does it cost to study ?

Depending upon which college you chose and what course you are aiming for, the cost can vary a lot. The biggest component is the tuition but depending on which city you chose, the living cost can significantly vary. Below is a comparison chart for understanding the cost of education in US

Cost of Graduate Program (Masters)

Name US News Ranking -2013 Tuition per year (2012-2013)
University of California(Los Angeles ) 24 $12,692 in-state$35,570 out-of-state
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 6 $41,770Student Activity fees : $280
North Eastern University 56 $47,160
University of Texas 46 $9,792 in-state$33,060 out-of-state


Cost of doing Graduate Program (MBA)

Name US News Ranking Tuition per year
Stanford University 6 $59,550
Harvard University 1 $40,016
MIT Sloan School of Management 4 Summer : $13,920 Fall : $30,920 Spring : $30,290


Cost of doing Graduation

Name Course Tuition per year (2012)
MIT Undergraduate program $41,770Student Activity fees : $280
Stanford University Undergraduate program $42,690


In state Education : This applies to residents of that state for e.g. if you are a resident of state of California and have a Green Card or citizen of USA,  then you qualify for in state tuition fees.

This fees is not applicable to International students.

Total Cost of Education

We talked about the education cost but that does not include the total cost. You have to factor your travelling, stay, food , insurance and travel.

If you do not plan to cook and would like to have both the meals outside, this could be an average of $16/day expense.

MBA Masters
Tuition (average/year) $40000 – $55000 $25000 – $44000
Travel * $100 – $900 $100 – $900
Health Insurance $65 -$200 per month $65 -$200 per month
Lodging ** $500 – $800 per month on sharing basis $500 – $800 per month on sharing basis
Food $200 – $600 per month $200 – $600 per month
Miscellaneous(phone, internet, transportation, etc) $200 – $400 per month $200 – $400 per month
Laptop $800 $800
Books and Supplies $1000 – $2000 $1000 – $2000


* Public transportation is not available in most cities so you will have to own or share a car. If you are in a city of Boston and live along T route, the monthly pass for unlimited travel is $70. Not all cities have this kind of facility.

**Some universities have their own apartments which are much for e.g. Northwestern university in Chicago. You might also consider dorms offered by some universities.

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