Did you get your SAT Word of the day message? 1

Lots of schools are running weekend SAT preparation classes to help their students prepare well and perform better in the exam. Parents are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that their children get the Perfect SAT score. Do you think that the exam is being over-hyped and that the schools and parents are doing way too much than they should?

Oh then roger this: Durham Public Schools have initiated a new program whereby the students and the teachers will be sent SAT words as text messages, one every day. The SAT word of the day audio message will comprise a new Word, its meaning and a couple of sentences to explain its usage. This message will be sent to them five times in a week, basically on the weekdays between 6th March 2011 and 2nd June, 2011.

Durham Public Schools have collaborated with Urban Planet Mobile for the program, which is essentially a venture approved by Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce. The success of the text based preparation will be ascertained by the analysis of the verbal scores of the test takers before the starting of the program and the verbal scores of the candidates who appear for the May SAT exam.

Now this is indeed a good use of technological resources. Mobile phones have become a everyday tool and anyway, there are many iPhone and Android Apps in the market that focus on SAT preparation. However, the fact remains unchanged at the end of the day: it is the student who has to work hard and take the exam wisely to get the SAT prefect score. The text message based strategies, however, help in utilizing the major source of distraction as something useful and constructive.

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