Differences Between Korean and American Education Systems

Korean Education

School Culture in the Korean Education System

Students express their opinions about a particular subject matter freely in American culture. Discussing topics with other students or teachers and doing projects at home are encouraged. Korean schools are different. They are lecture-based, and learning is memorization-based. Discipline is preferred over creativity. Students are sitting and carefully taking notes while the teachers present particular matters or lectures. It’s not considered a priority in the Asian school system, although some teachers might encourage student participation after the end of lectures.

Grading System in Korean Education

In the American system, when a student gets a particular score, they get a grade that is in the range for that example scoring higher than 93 gives you an A, but also scoring at least 93 gives you an A as well.

Korean schools give grades in a more complicated way than the American system. The good thing is it’s also more precise. A relative grading system is used in Korea, which doesn’t have a set score that defines the grade. The system divides scores into percentages and assigns different grades to specific percentages.

As an example, students whose grades are in the top 35% in the entire class can receive an A. The next 40% get a B, etc. Increasing competitiveness and motivating students is the primary purpose of this grading system.

Teacher Student Relationship in the Korean Education System

In American schools, the relationship between teachers and students is casual and friendly. Students can communicate with their teachers freely. Teachers value students’ opinions without a dismissive attitude.

There is a certain hierarchy in Asian culture, which transmits onto schools as well. The hierarchy in schools doesn’t incorporate casual and friendly relationships between teachers and students. formality characterizes Teacher-student communication in the average Asian school. Respect is a primary feature of relationships. disagreeing with a teacher isn’t encouraged. Many US teachers, when teaching in Asia, find the students to be respectful.

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