Effective Statement of Purspose (SOP) Sample Format

We had been talking about Writing an Effective Statement of Purpose and how an SOP is the most important part of for your graduate/masters school admission.

Below is sample format of the statement of purpose for admission to Masters program

An objective for Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose acts as the CV of your college resume. If properly prepared it should act as a persuasive introduction.  A large percentage of your admission consideration depends on this document.  As an international applicant, you should focus on highlighting your financial capability to fund tuition, travel and living expenses. This is the only element which differs from those domestic applicants. When producing your introduction section, take note this section is the very first impression and should take the most time to complete.


This portion of your statement of purpose should introduce you in the best possible way. Briefly tell who you are and where you’re from. Be descriptive, persuasive and detailed in providing initial self-facts. This section should also include a ‘personal statement’. A personal statement should indicate your motivation behind wanting to join the master’s program.

Paragraph one

This paragraph should express your strengths, skills, and reason of interest involving the program. Make sure to associate your values and qualities in a manner which displays how you’re a suitable candidate for the graduate program. Be persuasive in sharing how your motivation and personal drive will generate your success as a student.  The admissions committee wants to see what role your experiences play in your determination for becoming part of their graduate program.

Second Paragraph

An effective SOP is your opportunity to brag of all you have accomplished while pursuing your career choice. Take note that those reading your SOP are well experienced in the field you wish to enter. You must convey confidence in who you are. Articulate in a manner which proves you have assessed your qualities with the responsibilities of your field of degree. Doing this helps eliminate doubt of your ability to meet the expectations of your future industry. Really take time to prepare this portion. You want to make sure the following facts are apparent to your readers.

  1. Which of your values influence your motivation? How does your self -confidence contribute to your capability of achieving academic success.
  2. List all class, organizations, awards & affiliations which show your keen interest in your potential field of study.
  3. Express those positive aspects of your life experiences which you feel could assist in achieving your academic and professional goals.
  4. How your grades and test scores demonstrate your commitment to attending their graduation program.
  5. Where does your field interest derive from?


Third Paragraph

Explain how the previously mentioned facts make you a suitable candidate. Answer the question, how does highlighted qualities and attributes set you apart from your fellow competitors. Only compare those attributes which your experiences reflect. Utilize this part of the statement of purpose, to leave a lasting impression on your reader. You can also, utilize this paragraph to tie together those small relevant details you couldn’t fit in before. Make sure you’re illustrating your exclusive interest in their master’s program. When doing so, support those facts with any voluntary participation in field related groups, internships, entry-level jobs or community service. When providing these facts you can now speak about people you admire. Explain how those relationships play a distinctive role in your personal drive and hunger for success.

Closing Statement

You have finally reached the end of your statement. Here is the opportunity to remind the committee how your background projects your interest and how your accomplishments exhibit your dedication. Last, you will close by informing admissions how satisfied they’ll be in the wise decision of granting you admission into their program. Do’s and Don’ts of Statement Writing

The effective statement of purpose don’ts ;

  1. Create a lengthy SOP
  2. Overdo it with clever remarks or cute stories
  3. Come off as overly zealous
  4. leave any grammatical or punctuation errors in a sea statement;
  5. Slightly mention any weaknesses or struggles
    1. The belief is you’re willing to fix problems you recognize

The effective statement of purpose does ;

  1. Show you continually assess yourself as a student and masters candidate
  2. Explain why you chose the program of interest
  3. Mention the opinion of others in regards to your field of interest
  4. Display your confidence in excelling in your field of study

Here is sample SOP for application MS in Civil Engineering provided by one of the prospective students


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