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These days the professionals not only consider the high cost of education at the best business schools in the country but also their opportunity cost, that is the total salary/profit foregone during the period they will not be working but staying at the university campus to pursue their full time MBA. For some professionals at very good positions in their organization, the opportunity cost can run into half a million dollars, and the decision to leave everything aside for two whole years becomes really tough. But then, nothing beats the impact of MBA degree and knowledge from a reputed business school in the country on their career and business aspirations. So, what is the best course of action?

According to us, a chance to study at HBS, Stanford GSB or Wharton is worth the opportunity cost, because your career prospects improve multiple times after you have graduated with an MBA from these hallowed institutions of management. This is not to say that Columbia, Booth, Stern, Yale etc are not worth it…they are indeed amongst the best, but then why spend two years in pursuit of full time MBA when you can add the same and more value to your professional career through the Part time Executive MBA?

Note: Henceforth, Executive MBA will be referred to as the EMBA, but please do not confuse it with e-MBA, which means online distance learning MBA program.

What is an Executive MBA (EMBA) Program?

EMBA is designed specifically for the professionals who work at senior level management positions and aims at teaching them the core concepts of management like marketing, finance, HR, operations, project management and also apprise them of the best ways to tackle present day issues facing the business organizations.

The EMBA classes/sessions are held mostly thrice in a month, over the weekends. During these sessions, the professionals learn about difference aspects of management and also learn new ways of responding to the contemporary business and career challenges. The program extends over a year or max or to max 16 months. The professionals pursuing the EMBA do not need to leave their job and can continue working full time.

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