F-1 Student Visa for International Students

F1 student visaAny international student who wants to study in U.S, must obtain a visa first. You must have a student visa to study in U.S.Basically there are 2 different types of student visas, which are issued to international student. These are F1 Visa and M1 Visa. But it depends on the course of study and type of college, whether you need F1 Visa or M1 Visa.F1 Visa is issued for full time Masters Program or undergraduate courses while M1 visa is issued for Vocational courses like Mechanical studies, technical studies or cosmetology program.

Which Visa I would need for MBA

If you are applying for full time graduate programs like MBA or any other Masters program or undergraduate courses, you would need F-1 Student Visa.

Documents required for F visaWhat are the documents required for F visa

You will need the following documents :

  1. Current passport (valid for at least 6 months from the date of interview)
  2. SEVIS generated Form I-20
  3. Original SEVIS fee paid receipt I-901
  4. Original Visa application fee receipt
  5. Visa Interview appointment letter
  6. Application confirmation page (with bar code)
  7. Original degree certificates along with mark sheets
  8. Original Bachelor degree transcripts
  9. Standardized test scores if applicable (SAT, ATC, GRE, GMAT).
  10. One passport photograph
  11. Financial Documents (Proof of liquid assets, Original Bank Statement, Original Tax return, pay slips, employment letter)

What is the F1 VISA application fees

F1 visa application fee.The visa application fee, which is also called the Machine Readable Visa (MRV) Fee is determined by type of visa you are applying for. If you are applying for F1 VISA, you are required to pay $160. It is non refundable and non-transferable fees. You have to pay this amount irrespective of whether a visa is issued or not.

What are the fee payment options

As per the US visa service process In India, the visa fee can be paid in the following ways:

  • National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) :

You may pay your MRV Fee through NEFT transfer directly from your bank account. You may also make your NEFT payment through online banking or mobile banking. On the payment confirmation screen, you will receive a unique account number to which you will send the NEFT payment. You must save this Unique Account Number. This unique account number is required to schedule the visa interview appointment. If you lose it you might not be able to schedule an appointment.

  • Payment at Citi Bank/ Axis Bank/ DRUK Bank :

You can pay your visa application fee in cash at any of the designated AXIS Bank or Citibank branch in India or at the DRUK bank in Bhutan. Before going to the bank , You must print a US visa fee collection slip from your online application profile. After receiving your payment, the bank will give you a receipt. The receipt number will be required to schedule your visa interview .

stay in USA on F1 visaHow long can I stay in the U.S. on F Visa

The time, when you enter at US Airport, an immigration officer will issue you an I-94 card that indicates your non-immigrant status (F1) and your authorized stay. The Duration of Stay or “D/Would also be mentioned on that I-94 card. That means you may remain in the U.S. as long as you are enrolled in the college or University to complete your academic program. After the program ends, or your practical training period ends, you will have 60 days to leave the U.S.

Can I work on F Visa in USA

International students can work for 20 hours a week on campus under current US immigration laws. After completing your first year, you can get permission to work for 20 hours per week off the campus. This is case by case basis and there is no guarantee that you will get this permission. For more details on this click here- Working on F Visa in USA

Once you enter the country, you get a 2 year or 3 year stamp. This is usually your course duration + 1 year . This entitles you to start for another extra year when you have completed your course. In this duration , you can look for a job  and find a employer who will sponsor your H1b visa.

working on F visaCan my wife work in USA if I am on F-1 visa

If you are in the United States on an F-1 student visa, your spouse does not have permission to work.

What is an F immigrant visa

The F-11 (family -based, 1st preference category) is for an unmarried son or daughter of a U.S. citizen. The F-12 Immigrant Visa  is for the unmarried minor child of that first preference son or daughter. It is his/her derivative. If the Immigrant Visa was stamped by CBP as admitted, then the visa holder is a Lawful Permanent Resident.She/he can study without more.