You Can Earn $25,000 With These Bioethics and Medical Humanities Fellowships

BioethicsIf you’re interested in pursuing a career in Bioethics and Medical Humanities, there are many fellowships and scholarship opportunities available to you. This field is exceptionally valuable to the world, as professional bioethicists go on to become leaders in education, innovation, and clinical application. As technology advances, there is an increasing need for individuals who pose moral and philosophical questions about its use.

Most fellowships are two years in length, and stipends are often allocated based on your previous work experience, educational background, and proposed project.

  • Greenwall Fellowship in Bioethics

The Greenwall Fellowship in Bioethics provides an opportunity for talented young scholars to perform research and improve the care for patients in both the domestic and global health care system.

This award, offered by the National Academy of Medicine, enables young investigators to address bioethics issues in clinical care, biomedical research, and public policy. A flexible research stipend of $25,000 is awarded to each Greenwall Fellow. The stipend is portable, as it is administered through the appropriate department in the fellow’s home institution. 

Greenwall Fellowship in Bioethics

  • Global Health Bioethics Fellowships

The Global Health Fellowship program was established to encourage Einstein University students to participate in clinical, public health or research experiences in developing nations.

If you apply, you will be asked to submit an estimated budget. Expenses that can be included in the budget are airfare, program expense, visa, and lodging (if a separate cost from the program expense).  Expenses that cannot be included in the budget are food, personal items, and prescription items.  

Global Health Fellowship

  • Hecht‐Levi Bioethics Fellowship

This fellowship, awarded through Johns Hopkins University, provides opportunities to post-doctoral bioethicists. This program offers a considerable amount of protected time for research and publication. If granted this aware, you will receive a stipend of $55,000 per year, plus health and other benefits.

The bioethics fellows work and collaborate with Johns Hopkins faculty on selected projects in the field. Fellows also receive mentoring, professional development training, and travel expenses to relevant conferences.

Hecht‐Levi Fellowship

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