Fellowship for Bioethics and Medical Humanities Master’s degree programs – $25000 in grants

BioethicsThe Bioethics and Medical Humanities leads local, national, and global efforts in bioethics and medical humanities that improve healthcare education, delivery, research, and fellowship. The Bioethics and Medical Humanities is to advance bioethics and medical humanities and beyond through education, innovation, clinical application and thought leadership.

A two-year bioethics fellowship creates special opportunities for physicians who wish to integrate their clinical or scientific activities during the fellowship. The department prides itself on being a diverse and interdisciplinary community. The students have come from a variety of academic and social backgrounds and have pursued research on a wide range of topics. An intellectual environment composed of such different points of view has great rigor and success of our program. Students are selected on the basis of their previous academic achievements, commitment to scholarship and the contribution students are likely to make in the field of bioethics.

Fellowships are two years in length and stipends are based on the applicant’s previous experience and the current US government schedule.

Past and Present Fellowship are as below:

  • Greenwall Fellowship in Bioethics

The Greenwall Fellowship in Bioethics is providing the Fellowship for the talented and career opportunities at the earliest that gives opportunities to improves the care and access to care patients in domestic and global health care system.

The Greenwall Fellowship in Bioethics enables young investigators to participate actively in our work and to further their careers as future leaders addressing bioethics issues in clinical care, biomedical research, and public policy. A flexible research stipend of $25,000 is awarded to each Greenwall Fellow. The stipend will be administered through the appropriate department in the fellow’s home institution. Stipends are not intended for use as salary offsets.

Greenwall Fellowship in Bioethics

  • Global Health Bioethics Fellowships

The Global Health Fellowship program was established to encourage Einstein students to participate in clinical, public health or research experiences in developing nations, in order to gain an understanding of the economic and sociocultural factors, influence the health of individuals and populations;the knowledge about diseases that are unique or especially prominent in these nations; and obtain insight into the organization and effectiveness of these nations’ health care delivery and public health systems.

An estimated budget is required to be submitted along with the application and other required documents for your fellowship. Expenses that can be included in the budget are airfare, program expense, visa, and lodging (if a separate cost from the program expense).  Expenses that cannot be included in the budget are food, personal items, and prescription items.  

  • Hecht‐Levi Bioethics Fellowship

           The Fellowship is to provide careers of the next generation of bioethics scholars, so the program offers a considerable amount of protected time for research and publication. It offers a stipend $55,000 per year, plus health and other benefits.

The Fellowship in bioethics and collaborate with faculty on selected projects in bioethics. The faculty funds for their education in order for the work in the project.

Hecht‐Levi Fellowship

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