Financial Aid for International Students in USA for graduate Programs

Although the financial aid offered to international students in US Institutions are minimal but the chances of getting financial aid for graduate student is more than the undergraduate students. When we say graduate program, it can either be Masters or MBA.

Lets see the list of funding sources for graduate international students. These are:

  • Financial Aid offered by University/College
  • International student Loan
  • Outside Agencies & other helpful websites for financial aid

Financial Aid offered by University/College

Most U.S. colleges and universities offer little aid to International students, but some of them offer scholarships and other financial aid programs to help  international students.For example, colleges like Harvard, University of Miami, Yale University, Cornell University and University of Chicago  all offer financial aid packages to international students.

For example :Arizona State University has many financial aid options. Almost everyone can qualify for some kind of financial aid (including international students). In ASU, International students are eligible for scholarship, hourly employment and student loans.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers financial assistance in the form of fellowship and assistantship. The criteria for selection is academic excellence. The judgment committee takes decision on the basis of your entire application form, your letter of recommendation and your personal statement.

University of Oregon offers several sources of financial aid to both graduate level and undergraduate level international students. Their top scholarship programs are merit based. But they also offer partial need based scholarships too.

East Tennessee State University offers merit based financial aid to international students both graduate level and undergraduate level. The scholarship coves 50% of tuition fees and maintenance fees only.

International Student Loans

Even if you have been awarded for financial aid, you may find it difficult to meet up total cost of education , because other than the tuition fee, there are various expenses like books, insurance, transportation, room and other college-related expenses. So, in cases like these, international student loans can cover the difference. The below mentioned sources are very helpful for international student loan:

Other Financial Aid and Scholarhip options

International students can look for scholarships options outside the college or university. There are various  external agencies that provide financial aid to international students. Few of the helpful websites are :