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For the students who have a dream of doing their masters in the US, scholarships can be an invaluable help in financing their goals. Graduate scholarships to study abroad tend to be even more common than undergraduate scholarships, due to the fact that universities and governments are often keen to attract highly skilled graduate students, often using graduate scholarships as an incentive. It provided’s to the international students for their further studies. A number of scholarships are awarded to graduate students at world-renowned universities. Many organizations and universities offer graduate scholarships for international/overseas students.

Many scholarships for students from developing countries will have additional criteria, such as a specific country of origin or destination, a particular subject of study, or ties to a particular university, so it can take some savvy scholarship hunting and a tad of flexibility to find one that suits students.

 To find Scholarship opportunities is as below:

First check students are eligible for, it is advised to first look at the information provided by student chosen university. Funding information will be listed on the university’s website or in the prospectus, and this is also where students find the relevant contact information should a student have any questions about scholarship applications. In many cases, the student will not be able to apply for university scholarships until the student has gained acceptance onto a program at the university, In case the student applying for the Scholarships for funding.

Second, It may be helpful as it is to be a range of external scholarships students can apply for, such as government scholarships or scholarships funded by organizations or charities with an invested interest in higher education. To apply in such a condition log on to, for government and charitable funds for scholarship.

Now comes that, can a student apply for a scholarship before being accepted into a university.

If a student is relying on scholarship funding in order to be able to study, they should let the school in question know the student’s situation. Some schools offer only ‘fully funded’ places, meaning all applicants must have sufficient funding in place. But many allow the student to apply to a program before gaining scholarships, on the understanding that students let them know as soon as possible if the student has to reject the place due to lack of funding. If a student does not get the scholarship, the student should still have time to withdraw a student’s university application or find an alternative method of funding before the start of term.

Now comes that, to apply for international scholarships

In most schools, governments and external organizations will list their scholarship opportunities online, with details of how to apply found alongside these listings. Most will allow students to submit their application online, accompanied by any supporting documentation that is asked to be provided.

In some cases, the scholarship provider will specify an address for students to send the student’s application in a printed format. If students have any specific queries about applying for scholarships, contact the provider using the contact information found on official websites.

Now comes that, eligibility criteria for the university to be known for applying in case of all university

Eligible to apply for a particular scholarship by reading the details on eligibility found on the provider’s website. Eligibility may depend on nationality if the scholarship in question is targeted at students from specific regions. In cases the program students are enrolling in will also affect student’s eligibility.

University scholarships are only open to students who have already been accepted into a program at that particular university. Government scholarships will also have designated funds for domestic students, as well as separate funds for international students – so make sure students have found the correct scholarship scheme before applying.

Other common eligibility requirements include good grades at a prior level of study, a degree from a reputed university.

Now Supporting Documents to be given while applying 

A completed application form, which will include information about student and there contact details, they may also be asked to provide the following documentation to support the application:

    • A transcript of grades
    • Letter(s) of recommendation
    • An essay on a given topic

In the case of ‘need-based’ university scholarships in the US, applicants will also be asked to submit a ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid’ (FAFSA) to establish whether they are in need of financial aid.

Now that, content to be written in a Scholarship essay

Anything relevant to the student’s studies. The scholarship providers want to know why they should fund student rather than any other applicant, so students essay is to prove students worth – students should give their academic achievements, there ambitions and interests and how they relate to the program are applying for. Anything that makes students stand out.

Best time to apply 

International scholarships have similar deadlines, which often depend on the start dates of the academic year in the relevant country. For fall admission, scholarships for international students can be found up until the late summer months, and for winter admission students often have until late in the fall to apply. students should visit the university website regarding the last date of application to be filled.

List of Scholarship offerings colleges

Below is the list of colleges offering scholarship are as follows:

1.Radcliffe Institute Research

The Radcliffe Institute Research Fellowship is available to graduate students. Fellows will work on individual projects, or in clusters, to generate new research, publications, art, and more. Fellows will receive office or studio space and access to libraries and other resources of Harvard University during the nine-month fellowship.

2.Levy Scholars Program Scholarship

 The Levy Scholars Program Scholarship is available to entering students at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. A student must demonstrate outstanding scholarship to be eligible for the award.


3.King-Chavez-Parks Future Faculty

The King-Chavez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship is available to graduate students at the University of Michigan, Rackham Graduate School. A student must be a member of an underrepresented population, be a resident of Michigan, and be planning on pursuing a teaching career in post-secondary education in order to qualify for this award.

4.Hertz Foundation Graduate

The Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship is available to students who plan to pursue Ph.D. degrees in the applied physical, biological, and engineering sciences at participating institutions. To be considered, students must demonstrate exceptional creativity, a broad understanding of physical principles, and outstanding potential for innovative research.


5.Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Merit Scholarship

The Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Merit Scholarship is available to first-year students at the New England School of Law. A student must show exceptional academic purpose to be eligible for this award.

Amount-100% of Tuition

6.Goldman Sachs MBA

The Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship is available to minority students who have an interest in the financial services industry. Two 500 – word essays and an interview are required.


7.Graduate and Teaching Assistantship – Bloustein School

The Graduate and Teaching Assistantship is open to graduate students at Rutgers University, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy.


8.PIRG Fellowship

The PIRG Fellowship is available to recent college graduates who are interested in the public interest movement. As a PIRG Fellow, Student will build expertise on global warming, campaign reform, or another social problem. A student will conduct research, make the case for solutions, act as a spokesperson to the media, build diverse coalitions, write grants, and develop the kind of politically powerful support Students need to win.


9.Chick-Fil-A True Inspiration Scholarship

The Chick-Fil-A True Inspiration Scholarship is available to Chick-Fil-A team members who are or intend to be current postsecondary undergraduate or graduate students. A student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be active in Student school and community, demonstrate a strong work ethic, leadership abilities, good teamwork, and a desire to succeed to qualify for this award.

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