Harvard moves all the Graduate programs to Online for 2021-22 : GRE waived and GRE blind

Harvard University is one of the most sought after name by degree seekers whether is undergraduate or it is Graduate programs. It is one of the most sought after Ivy-League universities and that is why it has acceptance rate of less than 4% for its undergraduate programs.

Prospective Graduate students will be happy to know that Harvard University has made all the Graduate courses Online for 2021-22 admission cycle. More than 70% of the courses (nearly 1000 courses) are offered Online. This might change as the COVID situation improves in coming months. What is more interesting is that GRE is not required for most of the programs . Some programs are GRE blind which means that even if you send GRE scores, they will not look at it.

Tuition for 2021–22 admissions

If you had not been following the new or our blog recently, you might find it interesting to know that a 2 years Graduate program at Harvard costs approximately $35,000 USD and you can qualify for financial aid.

The total estimated cost for Master’s degree programs at Harvard Extension School has been increased by 2.68% from 2020-21 to 2021-22 admission cycle.

2020-2110–12 courses $29,000–$34,800
2021-2210–12 courses $29,800–$35,760

Note that the 2021–22 tuition cost for 4-credit graduate course is $2,980 ($745 per credit).

GRE Requirements at Harvard University

The GRE requirements at Harvard were established based on the program. Some degree programs require GRE results, while others are optional. On the degree programs page, you’ll find the following three options for submitting GRE General Test scores.

  • Required: Submiting GRE General Test Scores is a must.
  • Optional: Submiting GRE General Test Scores is your wish.
  • Not Accepted: Results from the GRE General Test should not be submitted. Even if you submit your GRE General Test scores when your application is being processed, they will not be considered.

Here are some of the programs with GRE requirments:

Program NameProgram TypeGRE Scores
AnthropologyMaster of Arts (AM)Not Accepted
BioengineeringDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)Not accepted
PsychologyDoctor of Philosophy (PhD) Optional
Computational Science and EngineeringMaster of Engineering (ME)Not Accepted
Middle Eastern StudiesMaster of Arts (AM)Optional
Celtic Languages and LiteraturesMaster of Arts (AM)Optional
Data ScienceMaster of Science (SM)Not Accepted
ImmunologyDoctor of Philosophy (PhD) Not Accepted
Engineering and Applied SciencesMaster of Science (SM)Not Accepted
History of ScienceDoctor of Philosophy (PhD)Optional 

We can assume from the above table that Harvard does not require GRE scores for the majority of its programs. But, if you are submitting make sure your GRE results aren’t more than 5 years old.

Graduate Admission requirements for 2021-22

The application deadline for the 2021-22 admission cycle are as follows:

Application Start DateApplication End DateFinancial aid Application End Date
SummerJuly 1August 2June 1
FallNovember 1December 1November 1
SpringMarch 15April 15March 1

Admission requirements for Graduate Programs at Harvard

A student must first check their eligibility before applying for graduate programs. You must meet the following requirements to pursue a graduate degree at Harvard Extension.

  • The applicant must have a four-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university, with a degree conferral date prior to enrollment in Harvard Extension School graduate-level courses. Before enrolling in any Harvard Extension courses, students with bachelor’s degrees from a foreign equivalent school or university must meet international Credentials.
  • If the applicant already has a graduate degree in a relevant field and wants to apply for a master’s degree at Harvard Extension School, the two degrees must be in different fields with unrelated content.

Complete Degree Courses for Admission

  • To be admitted to the interested field of study, the applicant must first enroll in the 4-credit graduate level courses required for admission. On the page for the specific subject of study, you’ll find the required degree courses for entrance.
  • Each of the degree courses necessary for admission must be completed with a grade of B or above. If you do not receive a B or above on your first two registration attempts for the pro-seminar, you will be ineligible to apply.
  • Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above in all Harvard courses in the pro-seminar’s two registration attempts.

Supplementary Materials required

  • Names of the colleges and the universities you have attended and the dates of your attendance.
  • Official Transcripts are needed from all the colleges and/or universities you have attended.
  • Resume updated with your current work experience, education, skills, organizational memberships, and achievements.
  • Additional materials may be requested by the department you apply.
  • Other application components includes letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, writing samples, etc.,

Submit Your Application

For admission, the application window corresponds to the semester in which you are enrolled in your final course.

  • The application can be filled online.
  • To begin the application, you must pay a nonrefundable fee of $100. If you have achieved marks in more than four graduate courses before applying, you will be charged an additional $300 delayed application fee.
  • If your college or university does not offer electronic distribution, you may be asked to mail your transcripts.

ref : https://extension.harvard.edu/academics/academics-graduate-degrees/

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