How Can You Transfer Your Credits From One Masters Degree to Another Masters Degree?

Moving your master’s degree to an entirely different area is possible for you. But the odds of your credits being passed from your previous master’s degree are even smaller. Usually, if the degree programs are closely related, students can pass graduate credit between degrees. For example, students who move from another business-related master’s degree into an MBA program, such as accounting, can have an overlap between courses and may transfer credits successfully. But there could be minimal situations in which this is possible. You should read the policy in the Master’s degree that you have been accepted to, as well as the policy in the Graduate School. Each college has a different transfer credit rule that only up to a certain number of units can allow transfer credit, and they do not grant you grade points that factor into your grade point average.

Ref: Five Things to Consider when Transferring College Credit

How many Master’s degree Credits can you typically Transfer?

The answer to this question varies between the institution and the particular program. 9 to 15 is common, but the number of transferable credits will vary from 3 to 30 or more depending on the program and the degree level. Some colleges allow you to pass just one-third of the credits needed to complete your degree. Let’s presume you’ve completed 24 credits in the first year, and then moved to another grade. The new school needs you to complete 48 credits to receive your degree. What the ‘one-third’ scheme means is that you can only pass 16 credits (1/3 of 48) from University 1 to University 2, and the other 8 credits you have from University 1 will not be eligible for your degree. This is not the case in all schools. Some have much more restrictive rules – such as allowing you to transfer just 3 classes. Some might, on the other hand, encourage you to carry in all of your completed credits. Before you transfer, make sure that you do your homework on university policies.

Can you Transfer Credits that weren’t part of a Master’s Degree Program?

It is possible. Whether or not credits received beyond a degree program are converted into a degree program depends on the individual classes taken and whether or not the potential graduate school of a student finds the coursework acceptable and equal to the coursework within their program. In non-degree courses, students who receive a B or higher can apply a transfer credit request to their school and see if they are awarded credit.

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