How Is Applying to Scholarships for Ph.D. Programs Different

Graduate ProgramsApplication Process for Ph.D. Graduate Programs

A Ph.D. degree is the highest academic degree you can achieve. As a Ph.D. student, you are expected to come up with a thesis offering an original and significant new contribution to knowledge in your subject area

PhDs are awarded in nearly every academic area.

As a Ph.D. student, you are expected to demonstrate mastery of your subject matter, whether it be through examinations or through scholarly research in a particular area of knowledge where you are expected to come up with original studies.

Earning a Ph.D. is a requirement for many high-level professions such as university professor, researcher or scientist in most fields.

Getting a Scholarship for Graduate Programs Students

Scholarships are coveted and highly prestigious. If you are thinking of getting a scholarship to fund your graduate studies you have to be ready for the fact that this is the hardest financial aid to secure. Scholarships are the best however since they don’t need to be repaid and can fund full or partial costs of your tuition. Scholarships are usually based on merit so you should be ready to get scrutinized by the scholarship giving body.

Graduate Programs School Personal Statement

Just like in undergraduate school admissions you are expected to come up with a personal statement. This is an essay that tells something about your skills and interest. Expect a higher level of scrutiny this time since you are applying for an advanced degree. The panel will be judging you based on your critical thinking, analysis, self-awareness, and subject mastery which you have developed from years of education. They will also want to see how you think your graduate degree will serve your goals. You may also be required to submit other writing samples so it is a good idea to work with a mentor or professor to improve on them. Some scholarship giving bodies require you to submit entire papers while some need only excerpts. Getting a professional to look at your papers will help you select your best work.

Graduate Programs Recommendation Letters

You will need to present one to three recommendation letters to scholarships and grant-giving bodies. These recommendation letters can come from a number of sources including your previous professors, work supervisors, or personal contacts who can vouch for your merits. You have to make your contacts aware that you have submitted them as a reference for your scholarship because some scholarship panels will contact them directly.

Other Documents for Graduate Programs

The scholarship panel may be requiring you to submit a range of documents including financial history, undergraduate transcripts, standardized test scores, and a resume. You have to get these documents ready before applying to save you time.

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