How much will it cost to get an Online Master’s degree in Food Safety and Food Nutrition?

A Food Science Master is a graduate degree that prepares individuals to work in various aspects of food development and production. The degree covers chemistry, biology, nutrition, and chemical engineering from a broad variety of disciplines. Students learn about the properties that provide the flavor and health benefits of food, the processes commonly used in food production, and different ways to improve the quality or safety of food.

The cost of obtaining a Master of Science from one area and institution to the next can be substantially different. Prospective students should carefully study the various programs to find one with manageable expenses.

Due to the rising public emphasis on cultivating food sustainably and eating only healthy food, an advanced degree in food science may be useful. Candidates with a Master of Science in this discipline are uniquely qualified to take on jobs focused on safe or eco-friendly food production.

Today, it is possible to receive an MSc in food science online. As this degree is still not offered by many universities, online courses can be an excellent choice for individuals who want to complete an education without traveling or giving up an established career. It is easy for those interested in this degree to learn more about curriculum, pricing, and other specifics of the degree program.

Online Food Safety program at Michigan State University

A Technical Science Masters is the Online MS in Food Safety program, which suggests that its main curriculum is heavily focused on science as well as components of leadership and food law.

By addressing the vast number of current concerns facing food safety and regulatory professionals today, elective options have been developed to give students versatility according to the student’s interests.

The courses of the Food Safety Masters program are directly applicable to students in current positions while training them for future leadership roles in food enforcement and industry at the same time.

Total credits hours offered for the Food Safety Masters program is 30 credits.
The cost per credit for the Food Safety Masters program is $838.00 per credit.
Approximate Student Taxes and Miscellaneous Fees – $150.
The estimated total for this program is $25,290.

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Ref: Master of Science in Nutrition | Online and CPE Programs

M.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Maine

The Master of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition provides the opportunity for graduate students to receive an M.S. from an UMaineOnline.
The focus of human nutrition and food technology is a non-thesis option that provides broad knowledge to students in the fields of food science and human nutrition while emphasizing professional growth, education, and communication.
As the food industry and nutrition experts, students can develop the expertise and skills required for success. Working professionals may take advantage of the versatility of course scheduling, working through their busy lives, with the integrated Human Nutrition and Food Technology choice, provided fully online.

Total credits for Master of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition is 30 credits.
The cost per credit for this program is $461/credit( in-state) and $576/credit (out-of-state).

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MS in Food Safety Regulation at John Hopkins University

The MS degree in food safety may also be the basis for law schools or advanced public health studies. Or they could encourage students to move in a new direction to the current careers in health, development, research, law, or life sciences.

The regulation on food safety is a wide-ranging area covering everything from agriculture, imports, and food to college cafes, food trucks, and sales machinery.

A Food Safety Regulatory Master’s degree prepares candidates for positions in policy, research, or management.

Entry terms for the Food safety regulatory master’s program are Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Total Courses for Food Safety Regulatory programs are 10 Courses.

Duration to Complete the master’s program is 12-24 months.

The tuition cost is $4675 per course.
The Total Cost for 10 Courses is $4,6750.

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