How to find blacklisted US universities

Sometimes back we had talked about Tri Valley University scam and how it has affected hundred’s of students. You may be surprised to know how many students are unware of schools and universities running scam operations similar to tri valley and jeopardize their future. Tri state university has been blacklisted after that incidence.

International students get scammed sometimes because it is difficult to navigate the education system in a foreign country and weed out the not so good ones. If you are an international student, looking to study in US , do check out the  SEVIS schools listing . SEVIS website is maintained by SEVP ( Student and exchange visitor Information), division of US government and  has up to date information.

A wrong university would not only spoil your career, you will not be allowed to board the flight and denied entry into USA

Sevis school search


Blacklisted universities are not the only ones you should be watching out . Corinthian Colleges have been recently in news for duping out students who had enrolled and were studying there. Students have not get their money back even after government intervention.

Another advice, if you already planned to study in an university but not able to find the US university from our search tool ,  double check it. Because we have list if universities and their data from the central database. There are quite good number of US universities who have high acceptance rate , some universities do not have a threshold on minimum GRE or GMAT. Use the Grad school Search tool for profile evaluation and finding the right college.

Hope this post was helpful. Happy searching !




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