How An International Student Can Finance MBA Education in US

money Education is expensive in US  and for an international student it  becomes more challenging.

The good news is that depending on your home country, you may be  able  to find  scholarships from the government, state, or your  parents  company.    This article is going to be about scholarships  and  financial aid you  can get in the US to finance your masters  /mba  education .

Financial aid from the federal government such as grants,  scholarships, and loans from public and private sources is restricted  for US citizens or permanent residents, and very limited for foreign  students. We had talked in great length about Scholarships and Financial aid for International students in US but we will offer some more tips here

Some schools nowadays have something called need-blind admission policy for U.S. citizens/permanent residents and for citizens of Mexico and Canada.  The rest of the fund is available for all other students, regardless of country of citizenship, receive a financial aid package that in most cases includes some job on campus, and the rest of the package is institutional grant money, which does not get paid back.

Some schools have money just for international students.  For example, if you’re a United World College Scholars student, you’re eligible for a grant from the Davis Foundation, or if you’re admitted to one of the very wealth institutions in the US, chances are you could be given money to attend those schools.

Wealthy private schools do consider all candidates for scholarship.  Normally this happens if you’re a strong candidate and they really want you to consider their school.  Again, this is different at every school, you may be considered for a scholarship automatically or you may have to apply separately.

Overall, schools are selective and try to get very good candidates in their programs.  Some schools don’t advertise their scholarship so much so do your own homework if you want to save thousand of dollar and get quality education.  The best advice here is to contact the schools, ask questions because it varies at every school.  Don’t forget to ask about your tax responsibility because you don’t want to get a bill at the end of the year saying you owe money.

Ask questions on study in us and discuss with fellow students on this topic.

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