Is CollegeHippo data better than IPEDS for the Graduate programs? 1

The IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Set) is a system of interconnected surveys done yearly by the National Center for Education Statistics of the United States Department of Education (NCES).

IPEDS maintains data for around 4000 US colleges and Universities for the undergraduate and the Graduate programs. They have a great detail amount of numbers and have done a fantastic job in maintaining the list year over year.

Collegehippo maintains data of 2100 US universities that offer Graduate programs. We crawl the college websites and save the data. CollegeHippo has program details, admission requirements, and even scholarships.

Now, a question may arise, is CollegeHippo data better than IPEDS?

As CollegeHippo crawls the data directly from the university pages, all the programs offered by that university will be available on our site. This includes on-campus Master’s programs, online Masters program, Ph.D. programs, and Certificate programs.

For masters program, CH has the following 

  • Program Details
  • GRE score
  • Gre required on not 
  • GPA
  • Other admission requirements like essays, resume etc.
  • Application deadlines

Below we have compared the IPEDS and CollegeHippo data for a number of Graduate programs. This clearly demonstrates that CH has more data than the IPEDS.

Master’s ProgramIPEDSCollegeHippo
Computer and Information Sciences210416
Data Science29192
Food Science4192
Chemical Engineering137147
Medieval and Renaissance Studies1064
Dental Materials210
CollgeHippo Vs IPEDS

Does IPEDS have Online Master’s data?

IPEDS doesn’t give the list of universities offering online master’s programs. You can only get the count of students enrolled for the online master’s program from IPEDS.

On CollegeHippo, we have listed the universities offering online master’s programs based on courses with their tuition, admission deadline, and GRE requirements.

Find the list of Universities offering Online Master’s programs at CollegeHippo.

Does IPEDS have No GRE or Gre score information?

You can’t find any information on GRE or admission requirements from IPEDS. You can only get the information on the number of students who applied and got admitted to a university from IPEDS.

On CollegeHippo, we have listed the universities with their admission requirements for each course. We have separate pages for No GRE universities, No minimum GRE universities, and the universities that require GRE scores.

With help of our new Match Me Masters tool, you can also get all these pieces of information on one page.

Find the list of Universities that don’t require GRE for admission.

Find the list of Universities that don’t have any Minimum GRE requirements for admission.

Find the list of Universities that require GRE for admission

Does IPEDS have program details?

IPEDS gives only the count of universities offering the Graduate, Masters, PhD, or Certificate programs. You can’t get any other details on the program from IPEDS like length, credit hours, application deadline, and more.

At CollegeHippo, we show the users a brief description of the program with its application deadline, admission requirements, scholarships requirements, and much more information.

Search for a University or Program from CollegeHippo

See the list of Universities offering the Master’s program in the US at Find a graduate program at CollegeHippo.

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