J1 visa in USA – Who is eligible

J-1 VisaWhat is J-1 Visa:

J-1 Visa or Exchange Visitor visa is designed for those individuals, who are planning to participate in some exchange programs to study, teach, research, training, or to demonstrate special skills in US. In order to apply for J-1 visa , you need to obtain form DS-2019 from your sponsoring agency.J-1 Visitors may remain in US  for the period specified on Form DS-2019, plus a period of 30 days as grace period  to prepare for departure from US.

Who can apply for J-1 Visa:

J-1 visa category includes various sectors like

  • Students at all academic levels
  • Short term scholars programs
  • International Visitor Program
  • Internship Programs
  • Au Pair Program
  • Work and Travel Program

J-2 VisaWhat are the documents required for J-1 Visa :

You have to submit the required documents to apply for J-1 visa

  • Form Ds-2019  issued by your  sponsoring agency
  • Valid Passport
  • Completed Form  DS-156 (Non-Immigrant Visa Application),
  • Form DS-157
  • Form DS-158 This is required for Contact Information and Work experience
  • a  2×2 photograph

In addition, you are required  to pay the relevant processing fee ($160) for each application.

Who gets a J-2 Visa in USA

J-2 Visa is issued to spouse and dependents of J-1 Visa (Exchange Visa) Holders. The  sponsor of J-1 visa holder  must issue separate DS-2019 Forms to them. It is required when they apply for their visas, along with a copy of J-1 visa and proof of relationship. If you are in the United States on a J-1 student visa, your spouse can work. She has to request a  temporary work permit using form I-765