Living in USA

cost of living

When you are planning for your education and are close to securing admission, start thinking and planning about living in the USA.

Housing / apartments

Very few colleges provide housing. You would have to arrange for your own stay. This is generally done once you land in the US or you can start talking to potential roommates, e.g. you know who they are. You would to rent an apartment which could cost anywhere from $800 – $1600, depending upon your own, city and proximity to college. For e.g. Cambridge, Massachusetts is the most convenient location for the students but is very expensive on rent.

So students chose to stay a little far in nearby towns and commute through commuter rail.


You also have to sign a lease (rental agreement) with the landlord.

Cost of renting and finding an apartment

Let us give you an estimate of what could be the cost of renting in your city and how to find an apartment.

  1. Go to (
  2. Find the city where      you would be going to. For eg Boston.
  3. Go to Housing section      (
  4. Chose all no fee      apartments

The closer you are to city or downtown, the expensive the apartment is. If you are willing to commute for 20-40 minutes every day, you would be able to find something cheaper.

Paying Guest:

There is a paying guest option available in some cities. The good part is that it mostly it goes month by month so not bad to start with. If you like, you can stay longer or switch to apartment.

Driving in USA

You need a driving license to drive in USA. A lot of states allow you to drive up to 1 year on your international license. If you plan to drive or use rental car anytime, make sure you get your international license.

Remember driving in US is left handed, opposite of UK.

Most of the car companies allow you to rent a car on weekly or daily basis on your credit card and international license. You can buy a used car from $6000 – $15000, depending on what you chose