MS in the US – Complete Guide For Admissions And Scholarships 6

Students today are considering the value of international study and looking beyond their own borders for postgraduate courses. Whether students want to take advantage of unique resources and training opportunities, acquire new skills, or simply indulge their sense of adventure, our guides provide all the information they need for destinations in completing their master’s in the USA.

A graduate degree is a wise investment for students as it opens up higher-level positions and a chance for higher pay. 

Academic course, college, and country will heavily influence your study abroad experience as a graduate student. Should students travel to a country that speaks a different language in hopes of learning something new or gaining more concrete linguistic experience?

Ms in US
Master in US

Comparing the costs of tuition abroad, some students may find that an American degree is hardly worth all of the money or impending debt when there are so many good alternatives overseas. Some International graduate programs can be a fraction of their counterparts in the US. However, we will see from this book that an education in the US is a good investment because of the good programs in different fields. Plus, there is various financial aid you can get as an international student to help fund your education. We have extensively covered everything you need to know when applying and studying to a US University so you will be ready and armed with knowledge. We have the answers to every question you may think of when it comes to studying in the US. 

Audience of this book – MS in US

This book is for students who want to pursue Masters Degree in the United States. The aim of this book is to help students: 

  • Understand the US education system 
  • Admission requirement  (GRE, TOEFL, GPA)
  • Choosing Master’s specialization
  • Shortlist colleges based on your profile
  • How to secure financial aid and scholarships
  • Understanding visa complexity 
  • Jobs prospects after getting the degree

Once you have gone through the book, you will familiarize yourself with the kind of education the US has to offer and what it takes to get there.

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MS in the US – Complete guide to admissions and scholarships

The contents of the book

Chapter 1:Education in the United States
1.1 Why US is a popular destination for education
1.2 International students in the US
1.3 Undergraduate and Graduate International Students enrolled in US Universities

Chapter 2: Types of Programs
2.1 University Exchange
2.2 University Sponsored Programs
2.3 External Programs
2.4 Pathway Program
2.5 ESL Programs
2.6 Masters Degree Programs

Chapter 3: Understanding the US Education System
3.1 Public University
3.2 Private University
3.3 Community College
3.4 Difference between US college and US University
3.5 Undergraduate Degrees
3.6 Graduate Degrees
3.7 Difference between Education System in the US and India

Chapter 4: Phd Programs at US Universities
4.1 What Does PhD Stand For?

Chapter 5: Engineering Programs at US Universities
5.1 Specializations in Engineering

Chapter 6: Masters Degree in Computer Science
6.1 The Popularity of computer science and engineering
6.2 Difference between computer science and computer engineering
Universities offering Computer science

Chapter 7: MBA and Business Administration in the US
7.1 Top Five Colleges for MBA in the US

Chapter 8: Choosing between Masters and MBA in US
8.1 Differences Between Master’s and MBA

Chapter 9: Avoiding Scammy Colleges
9.1 The Tri-Valley University Scam
9.2 Blacklisted US Universities
9.3 How to find which genuine colleges

Chapter 10: Shortlisting Universities – Profile Evaluation
10.1 Things To Consider Before Shortlisting Universities For MS
10.2 Shortlisting universities Based on GRE

Chapter 11: Admission Requirements
Application Requirements in US Universities
11.2 Financial Requirements for International Students
11.3 Transcript of Records
11.4 Early action application process for International students
11.5 GRE or GMAT Score
11.7 Bachelor’s Degree
11.8 Recommendation Letters
11.9 Resume
11.10 Essay / Statement of Purpose
Differentiate yourself from other candidates when applying
11.12 Sample Statement of Purpose, Resume and Reference
Sample Statement of Purpose
Sample Reference Letter
Sample Resume

Chapter 12: One Year Master Program
12.1 The Pros of a One Year Master’s Program
12.2 The Cons of a One Year Master’s Program

Chapter 13: Tuition and Fees
13.1 Understanding Cost per Credit
13.2 Fee Structure in-State or out-of-State
13.3 Cost of Living
13.4 Cost of Living in the City
13.5 Compare Cost of Living /Rents for Public Transport
13.6 Stay in Campus or Outside Campus
On-campus accommodation
Off-campus accommodation
Host family accommodation
13.7 Part time job while studying

Chapter 14: Negotiating Tuition and Securing Scholarship
14.1 Using CollegeHippo to filter Universities According to Tuition Fees

Chapter 15: Financial Aid and Scholarships
15.1 Scholarships and Grants
15.2 Research Assistantship
15.3 Teaching Assistantship
15.4 Fellowship
15.5 Tuition Waiver
15.6 Traineeships
15.7 Institutional aid
15.8 Doctoral Scholarships
15.9 International Student Loan
Universities Offering the Financial Aid for Computer Science

Chapter 16: Switch Universities After Admissions
16.1 Transfer Eligibility
16.2 General policies and conditions for transfer of university /college
16.3 Steps to transfer

Chapter 17: International Student Visa
17.1. The F-1 Visa
17.2. The M-1 Visa
17.3. J-1 Visa
17.4. H-4 Visa

Chapter 18: Jobs and Career Path
18.1 Wage Benefits for a Master’s degree In the Highest Paying Fields
18.2 STEM Fields
18.3 Some of the highest paying jobs
18.4 Top Jobs Requiring Master’s Degree

Chapter 19: Working and Staying in US After Studies
19.1 OPT (Optional Practical Training)
19.2 STEM and OPT 24-month Extension
19.3 Work Visa and Green Card

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