Finding Graduate Programs and Colleges Based on GRE Scores

CollegeHippo has made it easier for you to look for master’s degree programs and colleges who offer them. Through our own search engine, you can find universities and colleges based on your GRE scores with ease. Once you create your own account in our site, you’ll also be able to […]

Big Data Analytics: What is it and why it’s important 2

As technology grows, data grows with it. Remember when we could only use floppy disks to store data, and it only held about 8KB of data? Not really? That’s because most of us have moved on from using big bulky computers and floppy disks to USB sticks, CDs, and other […]

How to convert GRE Score Percentile to actual GRE Scores

Introduction Many of the students are already aware of the acronym GRE. Let’s dig it for those for those who are new to this term and have requested us to write about the topic. GRE is the short form of “Graduate Record Examinations.”  GRE test is conducted by Educational Testing […]