Financial Aid Available for PhD and doctoral programs- up to $65,000

Ph.D. scholarships are often more difficult to come by than undergraduate or graduate scholarship opportunities, they play a crucial role in helping doctoral students earn an advanced degree. Some schools offer stipends, pay living expenses, and promise work opportunities to Ph.D.students are required to earn a Ph.D. to pursue a […]

10 Universities for Data Science Master’s Program not requiring GRE Score

Data science creates meaning from vast amounts of complex data. Using automated analytical methods, it reveals patterns humans alone might never see. CDS is starting an innovative course for all majors titled Data Science for Everyone! If you want a great career in Data Science, you should know that a […]

Sample SOP for Civil Engineering Master’s Program 2

Civil engineering builds the world. Protecting the public and environmental health, as well as improving existing infrastructures that have been neglected are all within the domain of the civil engineer. They achieve their goals by designing, planning, maintaining, constructing, and operating infrastructures. Structures that make modern life possible and comfortable […]

Fellowship Programs in Art and Culture up to $60,000 in grants

If you have seen great works of art and exhibitions in a museum you may have been overcome by emotion and inspiration. Art and culture exhibitions have done their job when they elicit your passion and your feelings. A career related to art and culture is a great career path. […]

The 13 Things You Should Know About Online Graduate Certificate Programs

If you are working and you need to upgrade your skills, getting a graduate certificate program is your best option. You will be getting the necessary credentials at a short period of time and listing a certificate credential as part of your resume will make you more competitive in the […]

10 Universities for Data Analytics Master’s Degree without GRE

The job market is in need of more data analysts. As technological advancement continues to evolve and become a prominent factor in many processes the need for technical experts is increasing. Any major industry requires data and collects data and they need people to interpret this. It is the data […]

10 Top Ranked Universities Not Having Minimum GRE Score

Is the prospect of the GRE causing you sleepless nights? Fear not. A good GRE is the aim of any incoming grad student but it is not the sole requirement to get you a slot in a program. The GRE or the Graduate Record Exam is a standardized test which […]