Top 5 Computer Science Specializations: What Will Make You More Money? 2

Ten years ago, we’d think that a robot as sophisticated as Haley Joel Osment’s A.I. was a figment of overcaffeinated geeks’ imaginations. Nowadays, the concept isn’t so far-fetched. The fascination we’ve had artificial intelligence are mainly due to the Hollywood’s movie magic. However, it isn’t a new thing for us. […]

Part Time Computer Science Master’s Degree While Working Full Time? 1

You might have heard how people have juggled their way through a completing their masters to get a better career. Yes! Everything you’ve heard about working full-time while taking part-time classes are all correct. Or, if you’re still deciding whether to do it, short answer is there are always pros […]

part time computer science

Finding Graduate Programs and Colleges Based on GRE Scores

CollegeHippo has made it easier for you to look for master’s degree programs and colleges who offer them. Through our own search engine, you can find universities and colleges based on your GRE scores with ease. Once you create your own account in our site, you’ll also be able to […]