Penn University provides a master’s degree to nursing education

Pennsylvania College of Technology is a public university located in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg. It’s ranked #28 in the North’s Best Regional College. 

The Pennsylvania College of Technology offers the following types of degree and certificate programs: 

Pennsylvania College of Technology is expected to begin welcoming students for its latest master’s degree offering -a master’s degree in nursing science for nursing education. The enrollment application will be opened in January, with classes scheduled to begin in the fall of 2021.

The MSN program in nursing education is planned to be completed on a part-time basis within two years. This program is created for working nurses All classes are conducted in an asynchronous or by an online environment.

Students can study basic clinical principles such as pharmacology, pathophysiology, and health assessment, as well as the core competencies of nurse educators, including teaching strategies, curriculum creation and assessment, and evaluation techniques.

Coursework will be guided by the teachers of the nursing program and by the administrators who hold graduate degrees or are enrolled in the doctoral program.

The program requires two practical experiences, in which students work with the supervisor of their choosing to complete 180 hours of the practical learning experience. During every clinical internship, students can work in a learning environment, a simulation setting, and a clinical setting. During a didactic practicum, students can apply their skills in a classroom environment at the school of their choosing.

Valerie A. Myers, assistant dean of nursing states that “This degree opens up more job possibilities for nurses who enjoy teaching others and want to train new nurses, Graduate students with MSN not just to serve in conventional education environments such as schools, universities, and career and technical education programs, but also as nurse educators in healthcare systems to assure that staff is trained in new science and best practices to improve the quality of patient care.”

“Staff nurses also know that they want to teach when they start precepting new graduates and start applying for degrees like this. A part of nursing is teaching, so this degree is a good match for them,” she said.

Nursing is work with high demand. The nation is facing a shortage of nurses, due in part to baby boomers retiring from the profession and a lack of trained nursing educators to fill nursing faculty vacancies, which in turn affects the number of students who can be admitted to nursing programs.

In 2018, 554 nursing educator positions were reported within a two-hour radius of Penn College’s Williamsport campus, thus according to Burning Glass Technologies, an analytics software firm that offers real-time data on job growth and labor market patterns. At the very same time, Pennsylvania had 2,257 nursing educator job openings, and there were 71,138 such work postings around the country. The number of nursing instructor vacancies is expected to rise steadily over the next eight years.

Although not needed, Penn College will pursue accreditation for MSN in nursing education through the Accreditation Commission for Nursing Education during the Fall 2020 semester, to gain accreditation approval before the first cohort of graduate students in August 2023.

“Accrediting by ACEN is very important to us because it assures students and employers that our curriculum meets or exceeds strict educational expectations by peer review,” said Sandra L. Richmond, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences.

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