PhD Program offering Assistantships – Up to $25000 per year

For students considering a doctoral degree, you may want to look into assistantships as a means of funding your tuition. PhD students can earn assistantships in any doctoral program. Additionally, they are a great way to begin accumulating experience in your desired career. Keep reading to learn more about PhD program assistantships.

What is a PhD assistantship?

A PhD assistantship is a special kind of academic appointment, granted to students by their individual departments of study. Assistantships are extremely competitive, and they are awarded to students based on academic achievement or significant promise in their field of interest. PhD assistantships can take on many different forms, including teaching assistants, assistant lecturers, and research assistants. If you are granted a teaching assistant position, you will work with a professor in your department and assist them in class instruction. If you are awarded an assistant lecturer position, you will be assigned a specific class and topic to prepare lectures and teach. If you earn a research assistant position, you will aid a faculty member in research that pertains to your areas of interest.

How does an assistantship can fund your phd education?

PhD program assistantships can fund your education in many different ways, depending on the specific rules of your university. At certain schools, the compensation for an assistantship is directly deducted from the cost of tuition. At other schools, students receive a tuition waiver. Some schools pay students for their assistantships through monthly or semesterly stipends. Contact your school to learn more about how they compensate students for assistantships.

Does the FAFSA affect your chances of receiving an assistantship?

The short answer here is no. Assistantships are not a form of federal aid, as they are awarded directly through your university program department. With the FAFSA you can qualify for work study, but this kind of work is typically less relevant to your field of study. Assistantships are granted based on academic achievement, and so anyone can be eligible for an assistantship, regardless of need.

However, universities can look at your financial aid status when judging students for assistantships. If a department is considering two candidates for an assistantship position, and they are both equal in academic merit and promise, then the department may be inclined to award the student with greater financial need.

Universities offering assistantship for phd programs

Examples of few Universities offering assistantship for phd programs

University of Alabama

Financial aid is available on a highly competitive basis. A typical teaching assistantship provides a full tuition waiver and a $15,000 stipend for 9 months and assumes a weekly 20-hour teaching recitation load. Additional summer support may be available for qualified candidates. Support may also be available at centers around the campus for statistical consultations.

By the end of the second year of studies, Ph.D. students are expected to form a dissertation committee including choosing a dissertation adviser
University of Connecticut

The duties of a graduate assistantship typically range between 10 and 20 hours per week. Most business doctoral students receive a 5 year graduate assistantship, which includes a tuition waiver, stipend of approximately $25,000 for the academic year and subsidized health insurance. This assistantship appointment is limited to 5 years, contingent on satisfactory progress in the degree program

Graduate teaching, research, and service assistantships are available to qualified students in most graduate programs. These assistantships provide tuition remission, health insurance, and a stipend that is adequate to cover basic living expenses.

University of Louisville

Applicants who are interested in being considered for assistantships, will have to contact graduate advisor of the department to which they are looking for admission, stating their desire to be appointed as a graduate assistant. The award of an assistantship is competitive students who hope to be considered should present credentials that are well above the minimum required for admission

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