Physician Assistant online master’s program offered by Ivy League Universities

Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University are a group of eight extremely competitive private athletic colleges in the United States that are considered as Ivy League universities.

Out of 8 Ivy League universities, only Yale University offers an Online Masters program in Physician Assistant

Yale School of Medicine is having an advanced physician assistant profession by educating the highly proficient Physician assistants that the country needs. This program is designed to educate students to become patient-centered medical professionals. As the nationwide shortage of primary care physicians grows, Yale School of Medicine is bringing more health care practitioners to patients with Yale’s blended physician assistant program. Yale’s Physician Assistant Online Program grants a Master of Medical Science degree and the program prepares patient-focused clinicians who can choose to learn in their own communities.

Physician Assistant Online Program | Yale School of Medicine
Ref: Yale School of Medicine Physician Assistant
Online Program

The purpose of this program is to educate people to incorporate the clinical evidence they receive from their medical history, physical examination , and laboratory research in order to establish a differential diagnosis for the condition of the patient.

The Yale School of Medicine offers two pathways in Physician Assistant. One is the Physician Associate Program and the other is the Physician Assistant Online Program. Students graduate with a Master of Medical Science degree in both programs and both make use of the Yale School of Medicine faculty. Prospective students should apply for the program that best fulfills their academic and career goals with this unique learning experience.

The Physician Assistant Online Program focuses on:

  • The online learning experience includes studio lectures recorded in a virtual classroom for high-quality, weekly live class sessions, as well as opportunities to interact with peers and communicate with instructors.
  • Online coursework, live online small group sessions, in-person clinical encounters, and on-campus immersions are integrated into the blended learning experience.
  • The program focuses on learning based on issues.
  • In the student’s own culture, the clinical mentoring experience will take place.

For more information on Physician assistant graduate programs offered by ivy league universities, refer to Ivy league universities offering Physician Assistant Graduate program.

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