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A common challenge facing students who seek to do masters is finding the right school/university based on their GRE score, GPA and TOEFL. For international students who want to pursue MS in US universities , it is relatively tough as they have to convert their scores into 4 GPA based on US standards. Here is a guide on GPA.

CollegeHippo has been trying to assist students in find the right school. We have admission statistics of 500+ US universities and graduate schools and based on your GRE score we have come with a scale Tough , Medium and Easy which will help you find the right US university.

To find the Graduate school program, it is very easy to get started. Choose a field of study and select the specialization. Fro example if you have selected Engineering, then select the specialization. After you have entered your GRE score and other details, press Find and you will see the results in 4 different categories. The results are sorted based on US news ranking and you can click on any result column to re sort them.Remember that this categorization is based on the scores aggregated from the universities websites, and in no way should be taken as the final advice.


These are the four classifications of profile evaluation results

Tough: Based on your score and university admission statistics, US universities would fall under tough category for you.

Medium: Based on university admission statistics and your GRE scores and GPA, these US universities would not be very difficult to get admission.

Easy: These US universities are relatively easy to get admission.

No minimum score: There are few master universities which have not mentioned minimum GRE scores. Admission is decided based on the application package, scores, GPA, work experience, extra curricular activities.


Students should keep in mind following points while short listing universities

  • Schools look at the complete application which includes your score, SOP (Statement of Purpose) / Essay and extra curricular. A low score may be offset by a high achiever in another area. So if your dream school falls under medium category as you have low quantitative score, do not be disheartened. If you are going to write a strong Statement of Purpose and explain why you think you should be getting into this university, chances are you could be accepted
  • Acceptance rate is another important criteria. Even if your profile evaluation results categorize university under Medium or Easy, admission is always tough in top ranked universities like Colombia, Harvard or Stanford.

How do I shortlist the best US universities based on my GRE score ?

Go to the page below, fill out your details and get the universities based on your gre score.

Profile Evaluation for MS in US

This is how the screen looks like



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