Are the admissions requirements for masters degree programs in Case Western Reserve University different than any other program ?


I have done my graduation and I am confused that which university can fit me the best for my next master degree programs. Sometimes, I feel that Case Western Reserve University may be better. Can you please guide me by providing the list of various programs offered by Case Western Reserve University and how can they be different from other universities. And also is there a minimum GRE score for admission to Masters degree programs in Case Western Reserve University in Engineering Management.

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The Students who are intended to join Case Western Reserve University must have taken the GRE and there is no minimum score to be obtained. Additional application requirements include a statement of objectives, academic transcripts, and three letters of recommendation. International students will also need to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Case Western Reserve University is different from other universities because of the various options provided by the university: Polymer science undergraduates are strongly encouraged to seek summer employment in industrial laboratories during at least one of their three years with the department. In addition to the general undergraduate curriculum in macromolecular science, the department offers three specialized programs. The cooperative program contains all the coursework required for full-time resident students plus one or two six-month cooperative sessions in polymer-based industry. The dual-degree program allows students to work simultaneously on two baccalaureate level degrees within the university. It generally takes five years to complete the course requirements for each department for the degree.



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For many reasons the Case Western Reserve University has owned its position, some of them are as follows:

The Case Western Reserve University prepares and challenges its students to take positions of leadership in the professions of various branches/fields. Recognizing the increasing role of technology in virtually every facet of their society, it is vital that engineering students have access to progressive and cutting-edge programs stressing five areas of excellence:

  • Mastery of fundamentals
  • Creativity
  • Societal awareness
  • Leadership skills
  • Professionalism

Emphasizing these core values helps ensure that tomorrow’s graduates are valued and contributing members of their global society and that they will carry out the tradition of engineering leadership established by their alumni.

The degree program aims to create life-long learners by emphasizing engineering fundamentals based on mathematics, physical, and natural sciences. Curricular programs are infused with engineering innovation, professionalism (including engineering ethics and the role of engineering in society), professional communications, and multi-disciplinary experiences to encourage and develop leadership skills. To encourage societal awareness, students are exposed to and have the opportunity for in-depth study in the humanities, social sciences, and business aspects of engineering. Students are encouraged to develop as professionals. Opportunities include the Cooperative Education Program, on-campus research activities, and participation in the student chapters of professional societies. Graduates are prepared to enter the workforce and be strong contributors as practicing engineers or continue for advanced study in engineering.

At the graduate level, the Case School of Engineering combines advanced classroom study with a rigorous independent research experience leading to significant results appropriate for publication in archival journals and/or presentation at leading technical conferences. Scientific integrity, engineering ethics, and communication skills are emphasized throughout the program.


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