Are the admissions requirements for masters degree programs in College of William and Mary different than any other program ?


I’m married and don’t have kids yet, so I think it’s a good decision to pursue my masters now before starting a family. A little bit about myself, I completed my bachelors degree in IT a couple years ago. Since then, I’ve been working as an IT consultant. I realized that just having an undergraduate degree with a couple years of experience will not get me too far in this career. I’m aiming to get a higher position, so I have a more stable income.

After assessing how much I make, getting a master’s degree seems like a great option. I’ve also done some research in universities and colleges with MS computer science and engineering programs. In reference to my life, it’s best if I get into College of William and Mary’s MS program. Now, I wanted to see if someone can help me with specifying any admission requirements for this college. Also, is there any difference between the requirements of computer science masters program and any other program? Is there a GRE score requirement?

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The website of College of William and Mary has below mentioned information regarding its admission process:

Fee: A non-refundable fee of $50 should be paid along with application.

Official Transcripts: Transcripts or mark sheets from all the higher education colleges attended earlier are required to be submitted. Ensure that the method of submission is as per the college guidelines for authenticity of submission.

Letters of Recommendation: There is no information regarding the no. of letters to be submitted along with the application. However, as a general rule, at least three letters of recommendation should be obtained and submitted. You might be required to submit the addresses and contact information of your recommenders in your application, who will be contacted later for confirmation.

GRE Score: There is no minimum GRE test score for admission in William and Mary College. However, due to tough competition, your score must be high to secure your place. Results of all the three sections of the GRE test obtained from ETS should be submitted along with the application.

All the above requirements are the general admission guidelines for admission in any program. You might be contacted by your program’s respective department for any special consideration in admission process.

You can also visit the below mentioned website to know further information:


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What other master’s degree programs are you looking into? Sometimes there are graduate programs who ask for portfolios or for you to take a specific GRE subject test. For instance, you may be looking to get into the design graduate program, you would need to provide a portfolio of the previous things you’ve done to show the admissions committee.

Other than that, you’ll just need the general requirements including your transcripts, letters of recommendation, GRE score, and application form.

Good luck!

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Yes, the admission requirements for the College of William and Mary is the same for most of their graduate programs. This is especially true if you’re looking into their programs in the same department.

The requirements for admission includes the application form, transcripts, letters of recommendations, and the GRE score. There’s no minimum score requirement for the GRE, but it’s best to be in the high percentile.

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