Are there any minimum GRE score requirements for admissions to Behavioral Health Graduate Programs in Tulane University of Louisiana?


Is there a minimum gre score for admission to Masters degree programs in Tulane University of Louisiana in Behavioral Health

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At the Tulane University of Louisiana, there is no minimum GRE score requirement for Masters degree programs admission in Behavioral Health. GRE scores in the upper percentiles for Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing components. Only condition is that the GRE score submitted must not be older than 5 years.

Other Admission requirements are,

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Academic achievement – typically a GPA above 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Non-English speakers: Demonstration of proficiency in English to be able to study and communicate in English. In general scores of 89 or higher on TOEFL or an IELTS band of 6.5 are desired. Language testing will be waived if student has received an degree from an accredited U.S. institution.
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The Tulane University of Louisiana is a private university ranked as #54 in Best National University. It is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Tulane University School of Science and Engineering offers a 4+1 terminal Master of Science program in Behavioral Health exclusively for the students of Tulane University. Students interested in a future career in clinical treatment, research, or policy seek the M.S. in Behavioral Health. Students can choose between two paths when they apply: There are two types of applications: (1) applied and (2) general. Students can either pursue the M.S. with an empirical thesis, focusing in-depth on a specific area of behavioral health, or they can pursue the M.S. without a thesis, with a wide training basis in Behavioral health.

The Master’s program in Behavioral Health doesn’t require GRE scores for admission.

Only students pursuing a baccalaureate degree from Tulane University or the Xavier University of Louisiana are eligible to apply for this program (XULA).

The application deadline is March 1 and November 1.

Other admission criteria’s includes:

  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Baccalaureate degree from Tulane or Xavier University of Louisiana
  • Current Undergraduate Transcript
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Two letters of reference
  • Curriculum Vitae
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