Are there any minimum GRE score requirements for admissions to University of Virginia?


I am currently working in a company in its IT department on the basis of my bachelors in computer science. I have decided to pursue further studies for career growth. My colleagues have recommended that I must go for masters degree in computer science. I have made up my mind to get my masters degree in computer science from University of Virginia. Does anyone have the idea about admission requirements at Virginia. Further, what is the minimum GRE score required to get the admission?

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Below are the requirements for admission at University of Virginia-Main Campus:

GPA: On an average, students possessing 3.2 (on the scale of 4.0) are admitted to the computer science department. However, GPA is not important if an applicant has good grades in computer science, mathematics and other related subjects. GPA score of 3.2 is not the benchmark. It is possible to get admission if someone has below 3.2 score.

GRE: University has published the scores of successful applicants to give general idea of the GRE score to prospective students. Keep in mind that this score is not the minimum requirement. The scores are 156 (Scale 130-170), 160 (Scale 130-170) and 3.5 (Scale 0-6) for verbal, quantitative and analytical writing categories respectively.

Background: Prospective students are not required to possess a bachelors degree in computer science, but they must have sufficient knowledge of computer and its related subjects.

Letters of Reference: Applicants should request their prior mentors and teachers to provide the letters of reference to the University. Letters of reference from the employers are also acceptable. These letters should focus on the academic achievements of the students.

Personal Statements: An essay form statement written by the students highlighting the career goals and reasons for joining the Virginia University should also be submitted along with the application.

TOEFL Scores: International applicants must have the score of 90 on internet based test and more than 22 on speaking section of the TOEFL. Any applicant having less than 22 on speaking section will face difficulty getting admission in the university.

Applications are evaluated as a package. A weakness in one thing can be overcome by strength in another.

You can also visit the university website for more detailes by clicking the below mentioned link.


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Since you’ve worked in the IT department, I hope it’s safe to assume that you have a background on assembly language and computer organization and know programming languages like C, C#, C++ or Java. These are all going to weigh in on your application if your GRE score is not so great.

There isn’t a minimum GRE score requirement. You can submit your score even if you get a low score or resubmit if you take it again and get a higher score. Only one of the scores will be considered though. University of Virginia’s department of computer science only accept highly qualified candidates and doesn’t solely base its acceptance because of the GRE scores.

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University of Virginia is actually in the top 30 ranking of the best graduate computer science programs available in the country. It offers a number of specializations like computer networks and software engineering to accompany your professional growth through the masters degree in computer science program.

There’s really no set GRE score requirement for the UVA’s computer science masters program. You’re not only evaluated by your GRE score but also by a number of other aspects including your actual background in computer science, GPA, letters of recommendations, personal statement and TOEFL scores.

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