Can I apply to a graduate/masters program not related to my undergraduate education ?


I have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering but I want to get a master’s degree in computer science. Will I be accepted by universities and what are the odds and challenges of pursuing this path ?

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I don’t think it’s absolutely impossible for you to switch your major going into graduate school. School will let you do that if you fulfill their requirements. The best way is to find out the backgrounds of current and past students from that Computer Science program you’re interested in.

One of the challenges is that you will have to retake many prerequisite courses to catch up with your peers. You may feel lost if your classmates have more academic or professional experience in the field and you don’t. Also, come up with a good story why you would like to switch career like that.

I have seen a lot of people changing from science or social studies into business and it is extremely common. It wasn’t my case but a lot of my classmates struggled with business courses because they were out of touch in subject in math, statistics, etc.

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Depending on which college or university you’ll be getting your Master’s degree from, it’s highly possible. From the requirements of multiple universities, you’ll need a statement of purpose, which is basically reiterating what your career goals are, what you’re expecting, and how you’re going to benefit from the program.

Other than that, you can choose to get an MS in Computer Science and Engineering, if you have a passion for both of those.

Short answer is yes, you can be admitted into a US university. The challenges you might face will probably be with admissions. They are usually super competitive, depending on the college/university, since most of them offer financial aid when you’re accepted into the program.

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Yes! You can definitely be accepted into US universities when pursuing a computer science graduate degree.

You’ll most likely need an above average GPA though, and some most universities require students to send in their GRE scores. If you’re from another country or took up your undergraduate in another country, you’ll probably be required to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

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