Does low GPA affects your chances of admission to Masters program ?


My graduation cgpa is 5.91 out of 10 which low . Can I still apply for GRE exam to get admission in good universities in US. Can a very good GRE score compensate for a low GPA ?

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GPA is not everything schools in the US look for in your applications. Because there are other factors such as letters of recommendation, your professional experience, your extracurricular activities, philanthropic activities, leadership skills, etc., GPA only adds weight to your candidacy as a whole. If you have strengths in other factors, a lower GPA could be compensated.

That being said, it all depends on the program and the schools you’re applying for. Different schools requirement different scores and GPA. For example, a low GPA weakens your application for an Engineering and Economics program because coursework is all you do. On the other hand, if you’re applying to an Art program, they most likely will want to see your portfolio and what you have done on the side to demonstrate your passion. For MBA program specifically, your professional experience is crucial. However, with a lower GPA, you may want to target schools within your range.

I would recommend start talking to the schools that you are interested in for their personalized recommendations. Schools in the US are often open to discussions like that. Or you can choose a program you want to study and go from there to look for schools that accept your GPA.

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    Good points and a great example of MBA and law program
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It has been asked by many users and discussed over many times in this post Does low undergraduate GPA influence your GRE Masters Application?

In brief the answer the is NO.
You have a low GPA or CGPA and that might put you at disadvantage over some other candidates when only your score is considered. But if you have a good GRE score and a strong statement of purpose, you might very will win over other candidates. You have to remember that admissions in US is unlike India or other country where %of marks or qualifying entrance test can make or break or career and shatter your dreams.
Universities in US look for a lot more that the marks you have scored.

Are you passionate about the subject you are going to study ?

What skills and expertise you have which is worth mentioning ?

What recommendations you have from your college or immediate manager ?

It is not the end of the road. Best is yet to come.
Hope that helps

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