What Are The General Admission Requirement For Online Masters in Special Education


The general admission requirement for online masters in special education is as follows:

  • Official Transcripts From Bachelor’s Degree
  • Prior to applying for a master’s degree in special education, candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than special education, K-12 education, or psychology may need to complete additional coursework. Learners who hold a degree in a related field can fulfill the prerequisite coursework automatically.
  • Departments of admissions also require GRE scores to assess the opportunity for progress for each pupil. However, the GRE is not required for an increasing number of online programs, although some colleges encourage students to choose if they want to submit their scores.
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • In general, foreign students should expect to pass the TOFEL test, which assesses their English language proficiency and their ability to learn at the college level.
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