What documents need to go in the application for US universities ?


While submitting my application packages for application to US university, I’m being told to submit or not submit different documents/transcripts and there seems to be no standard and neither is university website very clear on this. What all documents are absolutely necessary and what documents are additional ?

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You are right about no standards because every university is different. But they have standards within their requirements. Check with the university, I strongly suggest, because it is very different for different programs and schools. Every school has a check list to facilitate your process. Do one thing that you will be judged for in school, work, or life in general: follow instructions. Make sure your application is not incomplete because it will delay the process a lot.

In a typical application, there are always:

  • Application form (normally could be done online) where you verify your citizenship, personal information, programs you’re applying to, etc.
  • Test scores (SAT, GMAT, GRE, etc., need to be reported directly and officially to the school. Make requests with the test centers)
  • GPA (request official transcripts to be sent from your current school and past schools – if required – to the school you’re applying to)
  • Essays (you can upload it to your online application)
  • Resume (you can upload it to your online application)
  • TOEFL (request official results to be sent over)

Note that you should not send supporting documents until you have sent your application online.

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