What is the average GRE score for Master degree admission in Boston University for Computer Science and Engineering?


I have friends studying in Boston University, and it seems like they’re having the time of their life over there. I’m currently studying in another university, but I’m planning to pursue my masters in computer science in BU. I’ve always like the university’s culture, faculty, and facilities. I’m nearing the end of my undergraduate program and I was wondering if anyone could help me gather information on what I would need to get accepted into BU. Does anyone have any idea if there is a GRE score required for admission? What admission requirements should I get ready to enter their MS program for computer science?

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With a master’s degree in computer science from Boston University, one will arm themselves with knowledge of the underlying principles of computer and information systems and theory. The university internationally renowned faculty are as active in their research fields as they are in the classroom. Students quickly gain expertise with basic techniques and methods to research the technical literature in search of a solution or to devise new methods when confronted with a challenging design, implementation, or theory problem.

For Master degree admission, students are required to submit the official GRE general score. The University do not have a minimum required GRE scores. But, as a rule of thumb, the average percentiles of the universities’ admitted students are 60% for Verbal and 80% for Quantitative.

Other admission requirements are,

  • Online application
  • Application Fee of USD 70
  • An official copy of transcripts of all the colleges and universities attended previously.
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Applicant must submit a statement of purpose (essay) describing his careers goals and objectives. The essay should not be longer than two pages.
  • Latest Resume or CV of the applicant should also be submitted along with the application.
  • International students, whose primary language is not English, shall also submit the results of IELTS and TOEFL

We would also like to inform that the University department might ask for other documents as well, as per the background of every student.


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Boston University’s Computer Science graduate program is designed for those with a strong knowledge in the field. Applicants should already have knowledge of algorithms, programming languages (C, C#, C++, Java), computer systems, and theory. If you know some of these, then you may be required to take pre-requisite classes prior to starting your graduate degree.

The average GRE score breakdown is 156 in verbal, 159 in quantitative and 4.2 in analytical writing.

Also, it’s best if you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale for your application to be considered.

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I don’t think Boston University has a Computer Science and Engineering masters program, but they have several concentrations that you may be looking into, like Computer Networks, Data Analytics, and Security.

The minimum GRE score requirement for Boston University is anything on or above the average percentile of 80% for Quantitative and 60% for Verbal. Also, you’ll need official transcripts, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose and resume.

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The Boston university is a private research university, which is nonsecular, but traditionally it has been a member of the Common Methodist Church.

In Boston University , the students must have good background in computer science. where it requires education in algorithms, computer systems, language processing, and theory. Students who are deficient  ione or two of these areas but still need to have strong background in computer science otherwise they will be admitted with the pre-required courses.

Admission requirement for Students for Master degree

Deadline for admission to Computer Science and Engineering Masters Program for Fall Semester is May 1.

At Boston University, the focus is mainly on three main categories when awarding the Master’s degree scholarship’s 

  1. Minorities Under-represented
  2. Women and students identified as females
  3. High-performing learners

Applying for the University of Boston must take the General GRE test .

The average GRE score of our admitted students must be 60 percent for Verbal and 80 percent for Quantitative percentiles.


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